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Log Lines

Log Lines.....

No, I’m not talking about a serious dump here people…..I’m talking about your signature line.  A statement that explains exactly what you do or what you can provide.  What’s most important about your log line  is that it suits your personality and that you can follow through on your promise. 

You don’t want to create a log line that is false – for example: “The World’s Number One Voice Talent!”  Don’t we all wish?  There is no such…


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Balance: The Key to Life’s Success

Although voice over is a great profession (which I love!), it is still a profession.  Your love of your work does not eliminate the importance of balance.  I often read about balancing activities like handling paperwork, improving business savvy, developing software skills, and not to mentionfinding new areas for providing voice over services.  However, balance also includes time for life and living.

Time for life includes maintaining not just your vocal health, but your overall…


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Creating a Brand - Always improving your image

For the very select few, it's job after job after job... in the studio almost all day every day. Those in the next slightly larger group are those who are fortunate enough to just stay busy but get lots and lots of auditions so you still stay pretty booked in the industry. Then there are those in the much larger group who book a gig every once in a while and do not get an enormous flow of auditions streaming into your e-mail or by other means but you still very much want to make your mark in…


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It’s Official: DC Douglas is a Transformers Rescue Bot!

Voiceover | Actor, D.C. Douglas inexcusably says of himself, "I’m a self-pimping, Google-lusting, Dear-God-where-is-my-next-job-coming-from-must-promote-ad-nauseum Los Angeles…


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Imagine a lobster!

Usually when asked to produce a radio commercial that is not just an announcer extolling the virtues of a product, I am sent a script that gives some indication of where the action takes place. This needs SFX to paint the picture. For instance, at the races (horses hooves, crowds etc), in a park (rustling leaves, ducks splashing in the pond and quacking, birds chirping, ambient outside noise). The sounds in the background will place the listeners subconsciously wherever you want them to…


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Time Management

Time Management

By Deb Munro


How well are you managing your time?  Some of you are realists and manage your time very well.  You know exactly how much time it takes to get your duties done and even know how to account for your personal time in that equation, while others aren’t as lucky.  Some of you may think “Time Management?  What time!?”  Sometimes I think that’s the category I fit into.  There never seems to be enough time in the day for me to get done all that I…


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Carolyn Hopkins, Voice Of 200 Airports & NYC Subway, Speaks To CBS News (VIDEO)


Ever wonder what the woman whose voice welcomes you at airports and on the New York City subway looks like? CBS News headed to rural Maine to interview 63-year-old Carolyn Hopkins, the woman behind countless welcomes ("Welcome to Charles de Gaulle airport"), statements ("there is an uptown local train one station away") and even weather…


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This was one of those wonderful weeks where I could hardly catch my breath.  Ten and twelve hour days.  I’m not bragging or complaining.  Believe me, I have plenty of days that I’m lucky to get 4 or 5 hours worth of work.  As a full-timer, those are the brutal days, not the long ones!


I mention that because when things get busy and stressful, it’s easy to blow off the small jobs as not being that important. 


Today I got a wonderful little note from one of my…


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movember - day 14


My thought as I think about this picture is "I think men grow hair faster as they get older".

I don't recall whiskers coming in this fast in the past, but I've never kept a whisker-growing diary like this before.

But beyond the facial hair is OVER $200.00 donated to my efforts! You people are insane and in the BEST possible…


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Deb's Recipe for Time Managment

Check back later this week for my full article on Time Management!

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Rick Lance Voice Acting News

A CD I co-produced with Bob Corbin here in Nashville in 2003. It's still valid today... still sells from many music websites...and still makes me proud that I had a hand in it's production. Check it out for Veterans' Day. And be sure and shake hands with a vet! Click the blog link for the full story and links.…

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Bouncing Higher

Like it or not, we are living in the era of craigslist.  Someone will mow your lawn for $20.  A photographer will shoot your wedding for $100 and so-called voice talents will record a 10-page narration for $50!  This is the world we are living in.  Every profession deals with low-ball inquiries from clients.  You don’t have to like it but there are some things you can do about it.  I used to get upset when clients would call me up for a quote and then come back to me, telling me they found…

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