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GKN Weekly Update 11/30/09

Happy Post-Thanksgiving! I hope everybody enjoyed their holiday weekend, did some shopping, and housed some leftovers. I had a blast at dinner with family and friends.

This holiday weekend was also eventful because I went to my 20th high school reunion!

That's me with my friend Yvonne. Dig the mini-mullet on my name tag!

I can't even begin to tell you what a fantastic time I had seeing old friends and catching up. Everyone was interested in my… Continue

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voice over talents – do i have your blog listed?

Back in the early 1950’s ;) when I started out blogging about voice overs (and marketing and advertising), there were like…5 of us. Now there’s a double-decker London bus full of voice over bloggers.

While I think I have them all listed here and subscribe to them all, I know that the playing field changes fast and frequently. That coupled with the fact that some bloggers fall of the face of the earth or get bored with blogging means my list needs updating. If you’d rather not watch… Continue

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Right / Left (Who's right / who's wring?)

Right or left / who’s right – who’s wrong

I don’t usually right political blogs. No matter what side I’m on or for I try not to alienate my self from my friends who think very differently then I do. Do I believe in God or not? I’m pro or anti abortion? Am I for gay rights to marry or not? I know what I believe in. I know what I stand for. I know what I fight for. If YOU want to know what I stand for, ask me. I’ll tell you. But I’m not going to broadcast it in a post on… Continue

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Proud mama

Something to make you sick...
my beautiful 14 year old daughter wrote a song, played the guitar and sang it, recorded it, made a video and uploaded it to youtube ALL BY HERSELF.

Check it out

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Post Thanksgiving Life

Well it is a sunshine filled, blustery Saturday Morning here in Allentown, Pa. I must say this Thanksgiving was a great one! All my children were home and my in-laws were over to celebrate with us, I'm still recovering from all the pumpkin roll I ate!

I woke up Thanksgiving morning feeling like I might have contracted the flu, not what I really needed, since I had a radio show at 8:00 a.m. I managed to choke down half of a bagel without puking and made it to the studio and threw a 2 hour… Continue

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Pat Fraley

I just wanted to wish Pat and his family well in this very difficult time.

I recently attended a fantastic workshop of Pat's in LA: Everything They Expect You to Know (but nobody teaches!)

It was by far the best workshop I have attended (my second of Pat's).

Pat is an amazing talent, incredible teacher and just a really nice guy. I highly recommend anyone wanting to learn new VO skills to get a session with Pat. My skill set has increased ten fold in one amazing day.

Thank… Continue

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California bound

The last 2 weeks of January (18-29, 2010) I'll be in California (Moorpark) about 1-1/2 hr from LA on business. I'd like to visit some studios and make contact with some VO Artists while there. Any suggestions?

Added by Anthony McCollough on November 25, 2009 at 11:52pm — No Comments

Three Generation of Voices

Derek Chappell recently completed his commercial and narration demos with us at the VoiceActing Academy. During his time with us, we talked about his daughter, Gracie, and his dad and that all three have been involved in voiceacting. We thought it would make an interesting story – and sure enough, it does!

You can listen to Derek’s commercial demo HERE and his narration demo HERE.

His website is… Continue

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New Agency in Las Vegas taking Emcee Submissions

New agency centered in Las Vegas is looking to open a division specifically for Emcees. This work will be for name brand entertainment franchise LIVE shows, corporate sponsored trade show and convention events. You must not have current representation in the Las Vegas metro market, be willing to sign for exclusive representation in the "Emcee" category specifically, have a track record of broadcasting credits on "name brand" entertainment franchises. Work will feature a general rate of $1,000… Continue

Added by Ron Knight on November 24, 2009 at 3:43pm — 1 Comment

Staying Connected in the Voiceover Business

You network. You audition. You gain clients. You create strategic relationships. All of these efforts are crucial to being successful in any field and yet are particularly important in the voice over industry. Staying connected can be a challenge, however, and the holiday season is an opportune time to reconnect.

Consider sending Happy Thanksgiving cards to your contacts in the United States with a simple message of appreciation. Contacts who reside outside of the United States may… Continue

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An Announcer's Nightmare.

Had a fun gig last Friday being an announcer for the Oceana Partner Awards Gala. Thought you might enjoy the story:

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Your Voiceover Demo

After having launched or repositioned hundreds of

successful voice over careers for individuals all

over the nation, I’ve seen recurring patterns for

new talent that are always concerned about their

first voiceover demo. These concerns are justified.

Just as the tension and fear seems to “melt” after

the first spot for the new talent gets recorded in

the studio, and they are amazed at how much

they really sound like a commercial when they

hear the… Continue

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Holiday Magic, a Gift for Children of All Ages 2009 artist line-up announced!

Hi Folks,

Well here it is...the final line up for the Holiday Magic 2009 CD! Thanks to everyone who submitted this year. We received a ton of great songs and stories and wish we could have used them all. These were chosen based on creativity, generosity and appropriateness for the CD storyline. The CD master has gone to press and the goal is to deliver on December 10th! Thanks to you this project is getting better and better every year. You might want to start thinking about what… Continue

Added by Jeff Gelder on November 23, 2009 at 8:03pm — 3 Comments

Home studios and demo's

Home studios have definitely caught on across the fruited plains, so much so that if you needed to build an army air force, navy, or marine barracks you’d be all set! The only problem with that notion with having a studio and kick ass equipment is someone that has brains enough to know how to produce a quality spot. It drives me crazy when Lee Roy tells Jimmy he’s got the hook up to produce the world’s greatest demo, yet Lee Roy hasn’t a clue as to what a VO demo is! One of my main functions I… Continue

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GKN Weekly Update 11/23/09

And hello on this Pre-Thanksgiving, Holy Crap Did I Buy Enough Cranberry Sauce Monday! I hope everyone is looking forward to a short work week, lots of great food & family, and of course FOOTBALL! BTW whose idea was it to put my Giants on the NFL Network this Thursday? Shenanigans, I say!

So I had a great audition last Thursday to narrate some audio books. I read excerpts from three stores and I think I did very well. The auditioners were really cool and they were a pleasure to… Continue

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Stuck in my head

Bob Dylan's new Christmas album... a mind-boggling concept. But then, I watch his polka-infused, accordian-accompanied music video of "Must Be Santa" and cannot get the hook out of my head.
Join me in the madness, if you dare:

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Make sure you're better than this!

"Top 50 Worst Videogame Voice Acting Clips"

Just a little comedy break. While some of these folks are obviously victims of shoddy scripting, on others you have to wonder if these companies didn't just pull some random person off the street!

P.S. # 3... oh my, # 3!

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It's a dogs life.

Scott Shurian just finsihed his first "Dognation" narration for Miightdognation.

Added by Scott Shurian on November 19, 2009 at 3:54pm — No Comments

What Are Publishers Seeking in Voice Talents (When Hiring Non-Celebs)

In answer to many who have written me or joined in the discussions on my group here on VU, Audiobooks & Narration: Paying Jobs, let me discuss briefly what publishers are seeking in voice talents when they hire us anonymous folks and not "known name actors." Well, first, this tells us they want to save money. Celebs cost big bucks! But also, it tells us this is a job they need a certain type of "read" on. They hear that in our demo. That's why your demo must show wide variety in the types… Continue

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I think about my beginning years how instrumental and pivotal each person was to my development in Voice-over. I have been at it since 1986 moving up on 40 in January I believe the best is yet to come! What made my mentors special was the no holds bar approach that seemed to stick with me the most, tighten up, open your mouth, breath…don’t breath! Their love for the business and professionalism inspired me to reach higher and to believe in myself. I find myself hearing a mentor Don Keys saying… Continue

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