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It was extremely overwhelming as the generous machinima communities surprisingly showered me this year with far too many Ollie Awards for my voiceover work in machinima movies for 2010. It was stunning! I was numb and in complete shock as I was presented eight awards, eight Ollie statues! Among the honors, I was voted by the Machinima Academy as Best Male VO Actor 2010 and Best Supporting Male VO Actor 2010. My sound design and editing were also recognized with two Ollie Awards! Anyways... for… Continue

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The PH word

Ah, the bane of anyone who uses their voice for a living! The most dreaded ph word we can think of, Phlegm. I deal with it daily and I suspect it's because of allergies. I'm not sure if it is the cats that share our bedroom or lactose intolerance, or must I stay away from all those hops beverages I’m so fond of? it is a daily struggle. I haven't been adhering to James Eastman's blog post of 8/12. The "Special Potion” does work; I just don't do it everyday. What have you done to combat this… Continue

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Marice Tobias interviews with Ryan Drean

Ryan Drean posts a great interview he conducted with Voiceover Coach, "The Voice Whisperer," Marice Tobias.

Give it a listen here

Ryan Drean's producers podcast page.


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GKN Weekly Update 10.25.10

Hello on this surprisingly warm morning! The whole week is supposed to be in the 60's and 70's. This is the last week of October, right?

So last week I had a retake session. It doesn't happen very often but it can happen for a variety of reasons. The most common ones are script changes due to content or length, technical problems with the sound file, or someone higher up the ladder just didn't like it. Sometimes it's more than one of those reasons. The client was listening in this… Continue

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…because i don’t have enough to do already

Truth is this was a simple idea that I should have caught on to long ago but last week is when inspiration hit. My hope now is to give you an idea that you can customize to hopefully benefit your business.

I graduated from the University of Dayton in 1986 which didn’t seem like a long time ago at the time.

Looking at… Continue

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From my blog at www.DanHurst.com

Dear New Client:

WELCOME! What a pleasure to work with you! I love new clients! I’m going to do everything I can to make you happy and glad you hired me as a voice talent! The success of your project is extremely important to me, so you can count on my attention and commitment to do my part.

Now, let’s lay down some ground rules so we’ll get along famously and you’ll get exactly what you’re… Continue

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Goals are important in life no matter what you’re trying to accomplish. When I embarked on this journey in 1986 in Voice-over I had a desire to win and allowed nothing, including age to hold me back. It is a fact that your dreams may not be anyone else’s, and chances are people wont understand your determination doing so! If you want to succeed at this business, reputation is so important! How you treat others ultimately comes full circle. Think of the people you talk to regularly and those who… Continue

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GKN Weekly Update 10.18.10

Good morning! My day started MUCH earlier than I would have preferred. I had to take the car to the mechanic and enjoyed struggling with a weak wi-fi signal while I waited. Good times, good times...

Strangely enough, every recording I had last week involved reading lists of glossary terms. The subjects covered everything from food to the economy to human rights violations. Sounds easy, right? Not so much. Even just narrating the alphabet can be tricky. Here are some things to… Continue

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English industrial/corporate demo

Thanks Eric... thanks Gabrielle! Last month I completed my English (multi-accent) demo with the help of Gabrielle Nistico (Voice Hunter) whom I met at Voice International 2010.

I'll be working soon with Susan McCollom (Bay Area) on character voices. There are other demos on the horizon too (audio book and Spanish demos)... but I'm taking it one at a time.

Any feedback would be welcome... Thanks... Lina

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Talents? I can't take it any more

You can read the original article at Steve's blog - VOJO

Call me crazy. Call me obsessed. Call me eccentric, weird, pushy or obnoxious. Call me whatever you like, but I have to get something off my chest.

If you open the refrigerator door and take out a box of eggs, you might have one dozen eggs. If you grab another box of eggs and add it to the first, you would have two DOZEN… Continue

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national voiceover month video

Unfortunately for my pal Dave Courvoisier, he answered the phone last week.

I happened to be on the other end because I had an idea which involved his baby – National Voiceover Month. It struck me that with all the things that went on in the voice over world in September, maybe a video should be created to at least attempt to capture the sense of the… Continue

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VOICE OVER RATES: Is your voice only worth a happy meal?

(( we're talking about it also on our facebook group ))

There needs to be a standard rate for voice actors when doing local/regional/national spots. Far too often I am seeing talent sell themselves short when working as independents. I am talking $75, $55, and $35 for fully produced spots! Are you crazy!!!

You should get $100 just to sneeze on… Continue

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Holiday Magic CD Looking For This Years Talent – Deadline EXTENDED to October 22nd, 2010

Wanted: The finest and most generous voice actors and singers!

GelderHead Audio Productions is now accepting submissions for the 2010 edition CD of “Holiday Magic, A Gift for Children of all Ages.”

It’s a holiday recording to brighten the holidays of the children and their siblings at Children’s Hospitals. CD’s will be distributed in December. Please submit a song, story, riddle or rhyme, anything that welcomes Holiday… Continue

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GKN Weekly Update 10/11/10

Good morning on this wonderfully mild October morning! Can you believe October is only two weeks away? I am seriously struggling with ideas for a Halloween costume this year. My "My Name is Earl" getup last year was such a big hit I have no idea how to top it. Remember...?

BTW I sent out my quarterly newsletter last week. If you didn't get it, you can check it out here.

So I landed a new client last week: DUX Crackers (thanks, Craig's List!). Ever heard of… Continue

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Great Book on being a successful VO talent!!

Hi fellow VO actors. I wanted to share a book with you that's really helped me in my career! Check out the Sound Advice Encyclopedia of Voiceover. You can only buy it from Sound Advice at their website. http://www.voiceoverinfo.com/encyclopedia.html

Things you'll learn:

How to get an agent

How to market yourself

Changing Technology

Identity, Branding and Type

A vocal warmup to use daily

and… Continue

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Hey VO Peeps, Pat Duke here. I’ve only been in LA for a year, but I’ve been fortunate to work on Interactive Gaming projects with Todd Resnick since day one. He hired me for several superhero voices for Marvel Comics last week and recently, a game I really loved voicing called Arcania where I played a huge, dumb ogre. Type casting? Kinda.

Have you heard of Halo:Reach? Opening day? 220 Million? I play Colonel Holland on that one. It was cast by Timothy Cubbison’s Company… Continue

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Voice of Sunbeam TV Stations Stepping Down - Scott Chapin

Saw this on one of my TV Newsletters -Thought it might be of interest to those in the New England Area, Good Luck to him!!


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Wow! What a small world!

If someone had told me twenty years ago that I’d be working with companies all over the world, providing voice talent for their various media needs, I would’ve rolled my eyes and thought they were nuts.

But here it is 2010, and that’s exactly what is happening! Who knew that a guy in Kansas City could provide voiceovers for companies all over the world?

What an amazing small community this has become due to the internet and other… Continue

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GKN Weekly Update 10/4/10

Happy October! I hope you're enjoying this somewhat icky, rainy, chilly day. Not the best way to start the month, but I'll take this over the endless onslaught of 90+ degree weather we had this summer any day!

So, a lot of interesting stuff happened last week, but there is only one thing I want to talk about. Last night I and some of my fellow VO talents got together for dinner in New York City! It was me, Melissa Exelberth, Kara Edwards, Patrick O'Connor, Rachel Rauch, and a special… Continue

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Are You Using Audioboo?

You never know where your next client may come from. Better yet, you never know just how that client may have found you. That is why you brand, market, sell, and get yourself 'out there', to be heard and hired. That being said, I came across a blog article a few weeks ago, written by my friend and fellow VO artist (and social media guru) Dave Courvoisier, about a program that 'married the best of social media with audio', called Audioboo.… Continue

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