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Going on Holiday – things to consider before you leave!

The following is a list of things that I take into account before I book my holiday (some of you may think I’m nuts to work on my holiday but in my opinion, there is always someone to replace me with and clients want things yesterday so I make myself available nearly 24/7 – but you need to do what is right for you)


  1. Is there internet where you are – even more importantly is there internet near you or do you have to go to the lobby, business center or internet café to…

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The Fast Track to VO Failure

Everyone wants to succeed as a voice actor. It’s important to focus on the positive, as I did in my first book, Voiceovers: Techniques and Tactics for Success. Focusing on negative traits of voice actors can, however, be equally productive.


This becomes clearer as I draw on the fresh knowledge I’ve gathered in my new book, Mastering Monologues and Acting Sides: How to Audition Successfully for Both Traditional and New Media, which will be in bookstores this…


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“The Social Network Train – Do’s and Don’ts”

      One of the fastest and most effective form of advertising is Social Media Networking but it can also become your worst nightmare!  To me it’s logical thinking, but yet I still see thousands of people hurting themselves or their business by how they partake in the social drama.  If you have teen girls, then you know exactly what I mean by Social Drama.  These teens say things to each other in text they would never say to their face and share information that is not necessary to share,…


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Finding Your Signature Voice

Perhaps you’ve heard this term and if you’re experienced, you might already have discovered exactly what that is.  For those of you who don’t have a clue what this means or how to accomplish this I will explain it to you the best I can.  As talent many of us truly believe we are capable of any kind of voice project.  This just isn’t the case.  The Voice world is a lot bigger than one realizes and there are many options.  Finding your signature voice isn’t something you…


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Current Voice Trends

Staying on top of current trends is extremely important as a talent and if you aren’t working with a coach or mentor, or working frequently in the industry, you might be left in the dust.  I try my best to pay attention to industry trends and I think we are currently in a major voice change once again.  It took some time before the industry switched from the “yesteryear of broadcasting” to the common “acting” trend some time ago.  We still see much of the “acting” read…


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Two weeks after a big Rock Concert celebrated in the small town of Melgar, Colombia, I put together a radio special called “The 1974 Golden Pompin- Radio Tequendama Awards” held at The International Unicorn Club. The cream of the crop of Colombian show business was in attendance for the event. The winners were: Luis Gabriel, singer of the year; Genesis of Colombia, Rock group of the year; Claudia of Colombia female singer of the year; Augusto Calderon, writer for El…


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Via several Industry sites this week

Veteran VO/radio imaging artist John Willyard will serve as the official voice of the 45th Annual CMA Awards when the show airs Nov. 9 on ABC-TV. This will mark Willyard's 16th consecutive year as the CMA's voice. (From

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Shutting Down the House

There are many things to take into consideration when recording at home that can affect the quality of your sound.  If you are just beginning, your ear may not be fine tuned enough to hear things that can interfere with your recording.  When I record I have to turn off a furnace switch, uplug our “beer” fridge, and shut down the florescent lights in my main office and make sure the lawn people aren't coming on that day.  I also have to warn my family not to run any water (including showers,…


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How choose the right Voiceover coach!

How choose the right Voiceover coach!


It’s amazing on how much misinformation permeates the air when it comes to voiceover training! Working as a voice actor for the past 25 years, I have learned how to spot a pro from a con! But many getting into the business cannot and many times end up with voice training from a poorly equipped talent that never should be teaching others the true art of voice acting. Several years ago I put together a checklist for those…


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Technology Nightmares

I love what I do.  In fact I think I have one of the best jobs in the world.  There isn’t much negative in my job other than the odd unhappy client (which gratefully hasn’t happened to me much).  There is however one major negative to my job that I don’t enjoy as much as the rest and that is “Technology”!  I have to learn a ton of technical information in my craft both as a talent and a coach, such as computers and how they work (both PC and MAC), hardware and what it does, sound and how it…


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Acting in Voiceover?

The top narrators understand the importance of storytelling. To make the script come alive is the goal. Before the narrator begins to read the first word there is no character, point of view or reality built into the words. Even the producer’s direction does not automatically infuse the script with a reality. It is only through the performer’s creativity thru specific character, spatial and emotional choices that any script will begin to take on the…


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What does "VO" mean to you?


 Voiceover means many different things to many different people. What does it mean to you? I start this off reminding myself of the most important people that thought it necessary to expound on what it meant to them. Don Key’s a legend in broadcasting told me over 15 years ago, that Voiceover was making it real, telling a story, painting picture or taking the words and breathing into them. All are…


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Are You Available?

I’m a repeat customer at my local haircut shop. I make the pilgrimage once a month to get what I believe to be the best cut in town. It’s a short six mile drive to where the shop is located.


This month’s cut was super important because my parents were coming for a visit. Mom appreciates a well groomed son, and I was aiming to…


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Understanding the Voice Talent - An Article for Your Family

Understanding the Voice Talent

An Article for your Family

I've put together this article for you in hopes that you can share it with those that have to accomodate your VO lifestyle, so I hope you will find this helpful. Please share this…


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"Audio Book Recording: It Aint Over, Till its Over"


"Audio Book Recording: It Aint Over, Till its Over" 

by Xavier XMAN Paul

I've been an audio producer for various media for 15 years. After speaking with several authors on the topic of producing their audio books the question came up,"Actually ow long does it usually take someone to produce 1 finished hour of an audiobook?"…


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