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Chairman's Mark America’s Healthy Future Act of 2009 at

On I helped narrate Chairman's Mark America’s Healthy Future Act of 2009 Title III Subtitle B Pt I

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What's Happening with Judy!

Judy Echavez appears on The Jay Leno show as Tanya, delivering headline news with her co-anchor. Segments aired 9/29 at 10pm on NBC and 9/24.

Judy Echavez appearing on CSI:Miami as a TV news reporter on the scene of crime. Episode entitled "Hostile Takeover" airs on CBS at 10pm on 9/28.

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The X factor continued:

A friend of mine put it this way, a straight line going across… with no hesitation or distraction. Or you just have the right stuff out of the park. Mainly speaking producers/agents are fickle, there’s s seemingly no rhyme or reason to their madness ;-) I have seen this time and again with talent that had 30 years experience under their belt, to a talent that has no real experience, implode onto the scene. The X Factor is for the individual producer that thinks you are the bomb. When someone… Continue

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You're NOT our voice guy.

I did a VO last week for a local Healthcare client, to run in our radio station cluster (i.e., FREE lol) The spot targeted adults 55+, so I gave them my "older adult" read - sort of a cross between the Smuckers guy and a middle-aged Dad.

The client loved the spot, so they asked me if I would voice and produce six more for other markets throughout the state. Of course I agreed, we set a per-spot price, and I got them done.

The funny thing is that when I called them on the… Continue

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Hey TOTO......This ain't Kansas.................


It's like I keep telling TOTO...............This ain't Kansas.

It's Hollywood and it's all about MONEY.
The networking, friends, sharing, etc is an illusion, merely Bait on the Hook.
Welcome to Hollywood Now give me your Credit Card!

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WINTER COLDS!! How Do You Prevent Them?

I live in the midwest where every year it's a challenge to stay free of COLD affectation...if you don't have the luxury of living somewhere warm, how do YOU deal with it? Preventatives?
This last year they've all but outlawed Zicam, which really did the trick for me.

Added by Jim O'Hara on September 27, 2009 at 3:44am — 2 Comments

How to Become a Semi-Celebrity (and Use It as Your Springboard to Global Domination)

Attaining full-blown celebrity status is a rare and awesome thing. The person with millions of adoring fans enjoys a range of possibility and opportunity unfathomable to the anonymous commoner on the street.

International superstardom should head the list of everyone’s long-range career goals. But just because the world at large hasn’t yet taken notice of you doesn’t mean you have to suffer in obscurity. You can become a… Continue

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.Do you have the X factor?

Producers/agents talk of something referred as the X factor that something special that sets a talent apart from the litter. Now I say this tongue and cheek, The X factor is not the run of the mill everyday stuff on any station USA,,its more. The temperament the tonality the entire delivery says you are different, you are unique and uninhibited to be you. Do you have the X Factor? More on this, Monday.

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VO Training in Detroit continues

LOVING the copy/practice sessions! Really a great group and all seem to be enjoying the experience so far - 90 minutes goes by quickly trying to give everyone a couple passes at the mic with at least a couple takes each time. It's a super experience for my directing and producing skills too. So far, I received some really nice, unsolicited, feedback in that area. I'll definitely be doing another one of these sessions next year.

Pamela Lewis will be doing another workshop at RMS… Continue

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Got a mention on Vox Daily

Old School Radio Pictures

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What do people say about you?

Some would say hot air, others might say ego.

What I have found along my journey in VO, is nothing of the sort- when it comes to true professionals. Don Keys, a radio legend who passed away several years ago, gave me some advice in my early- early years. No one like’s a Mr. Know it all! I was “20” something then… and it really cut my ego to the core. I thought I was hot stuff and then some. Your character is your calling card, what do people say about you?

Make it a… Continue

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When Business Gets Slow, Are You Covered?

What’s your game plan when business gets slow? Are you COVERED?

Compensation is the direct result of habits and stimulating it requires fostering the specific habits of Organization, Vacation, Evaluation, Relation, Education, and Dedication.

Organization is an ongoing task that is often overlooked until we are completely overwhelmed and forced to deal with the ramifications of clutter and procrastination!

Vacation or simply taking the time… Continue

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Teaching an old dog a new trick ;-)

Many people have been forced out of careers due to the recession and have gone back down memory lane to dream again...What they originally wanted to do before life and living set in. There was a time and place in America if you had a good voice, and there was a station you would have a great shot at loaning your pipes to them. It’s a different world now, technology has given Voice-over talent more ways to promote and send their work to the client in real time.

If you are wondering if… Continue

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I’m your man attitude

The clients happy and your moving on to the next project, its 5:30 pm, you get ready to step into the sound booth and the phone rings….Could you recut lines 2 & 3 The client prefers that you say it this way opposed to the way you were doing it, Ok? Sure thing! The I’m your man attitude of making it the way the client wants it with a smile is the way it should be time & again. Now if this was an ISDN or phone patch job we would have nipped that right then.

Good customer… Continue

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I live in market 10,000 can I make it?

Not all of us live in NYC or Los Angeles so what can you do? Send your demos out to agencies big and small all across the country! Now If your thinking that just sounds so dam easy…well I used to hear this and didn’t get the work because I didn’t realize what was involved with persistence, in making calls following up with Leeds, and just being in the business of selling myself.

When my 6 year old daughter Kaily was born I worked my tail off with a fire inside of me that kept me… Continue

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Hi All!

Wanted to let you know that I have a new and improved website ... WWW.BOOKDAVIDMARC.COM

Best To All!

David Marc

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A game plan

A guidance counselor once asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I said working in broadcasting! I knew from an early age say around 11 or 12 what I really wanted to do. Now it didn’t hurt that my father was a broadcast engineer. Perhaps you’re getting into this business much more later in life...Don’t worry about that, concentrate on the time you have and move forward. Having a Game Plan is always recommended!

As far as success go’s at this trade you have to be booking gigs,… Continue

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Just Press Play

Ok so you’re looking at your demo and getting ready to shoot it to your next great leed do... you know who some of their clients are? Who is currently being represented by that agency? Now some of you already do your home work, and this is rather rudimentary to you, believe it or not...Many never ask or give it a second thought, yet they just want somebody to “Just press play”

If you’re going to succeed at any great level in the industry, you must discipline yourselves to research… Continue

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Political Voice Overs

Today I tipped my hand, pulled the curtain a little, opened myself to potentially losing clients and blog readers...

Political Voice Overs? Sometimes...

Curious if you would've kept it quiet...

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How to choose a Voice-over Coach

I’m a Voice-coach/ Voice-over artist making a living from using my voice on Radio and television or wherever else they decide to pop me on ;-) Let me first say, there are many Voice Coaches that care about your success! I want this to help in you choosing a quality Voice coach that can deliver what they pitch you. The failsafe test for coaches in my opinion is as follows.

#1 how long have you been doing professional Voice-overs?

#2 what radio/TV Campaigns have I heard you… Continue

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