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Double Divas Toronto VO Workshop Adventure 2


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The Bob Rivers Show interviews Dan

I'm expanding my creative horizons by doing a night-time radio show on Seattle's KJR-FM. This morning the Bob Rivers Show invited me to sit in with them to discuss cartoons, babies, geekdom, and the new gig. Seth Thompson captured the whole thing on video, which you can watch… Continue

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You've heard his voice on scores of movie trailers, commercials and tv shows. Withover 25 years of professional voiceover experience, his most recent credits include: new on air promo announcer for the NBA, Narrator for History Channel's UFO Files.

He's also done several characters on the video game, "Grand Theft Auto" (San Andreas), new character on the animated series, "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" National…


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Acting in Voiceover?

By:Xavier Paul

The top narrators understand the importance of storytelling. To make the script come alive is the goal. Before the narrator begins to read the first word there is no character, point of view or reality built into the words. Even the producer’s direction does not automatically infuse the script with a reality. It is only through the performer’s creativity thru specific character, spatial and emotional choices that any script will begin to…


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Google Voice: A Free Phone Number in an Area Code of Your Choice

I just discovered (through the advice of my tech-savvy daughter) that you don’t have to put your home or cell phone number on your website for the whole world to see and use. There is a nifty new option available through Google, called Google Voice. With Google Voice you can get an assigned telephone number in almost any area code you desire. If you want a New York City area code, as I did, you get obtain one without paying for another phone line. In order to get a Google Voice account, you… Continue

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Accents   What if you are not talented at accents?



What if you are not talented at accents?


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First slow week all summer

For once "getting my big break" actually means the opposite of what I would normally want it to mean. I got my first big break from work this past week. I've spent so much time in the studio lately that I haven't had time to do much else. Every time I try to leave my house to go to the store or go hang out with my wife or take the kids out or whatever, my cell rings and I'm doing a u-turn and heading back to my home studio again. After doing as many as 6 sessions and 3 union…


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I've just completed my FIRST audio book!  I acted as narrator, engineer, editor, and producer!  Whew!!  Anyway, you can download the first 2 chapters of "Cool Blue Tomb" FREE before it's released at …

I've just completed my FIRST audio book!  I acted as narrator, engineer, editor, and producer!  Whew!!  Anyway, you can download the first 2 chapters of "Cool Blue Tomb" FREE before it's released at  I hope you enjoy it -- and SHARE the link with your friends!  Thanks, Barry Continue

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Who Wants to Be a Voice Talent?

Recently, I’ve received e-mail from a number of folks who are checking out the prospect of becoming a voice-over talent. They ask me questions about how I got started; what I did to become successful; and what a typical day looks like for me. I openly let them know that it’s hard work and encourage them to give the idea some careful consideration before taking the plunge. My 1000-foot level response looks something like this:


Self Examination

There are…


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30 Impressions in 30 Days

I've been bad.

I stopped producing, and stopped being creative. A stupid voice in my head said I have no time.

Not true!

So I've committed to the idea that I shall release 1 impression everyday for 30 days!

Please show your support and offer me some suggestions as well! Share, Subscribe and be Inspired!

Day 1:

Day 2:… Continue

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VU member Tom Kane gets SMURF'D in 3D

Sunday was a family outing because they wanted to see the SMURFS in 3D... ok maybe it was me ;) But, to my pleasant surprise there was a narrator in the movie, and I could not help but think, "Smufity, Smurf, Smurf, Smurf! Wow! A storyteller as an…


Added by VU - Founder - Zurek on August 1, 2011 at 11:30am — 3 Comments

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