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Recording TV Series announcing can happen any time of the day!

I'm the glue (the off screen announcer) for Formula Drift TV series along with the guys that do the live commentary for each race event. Schedules for post are really varied and I get calls to do episodes at all times of the day. Tonight I record at about 9PM PST for the latest episode that's a mid season recap of Formula Drift, North America's Professional Drift Racing Circuit that holds sanctioned events at major speedways across the country.

This one's not so bad. I did have a… Continue

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GKN Weekly Update 8/30/10

Good morning! I hope everyone had a nifty weekend. I went camping for the first time in thirteen years! The weather was perfect and both the food & friends were plentiful. I had a fantastic time, but I caught my cabin mate's cold. Nothing a little juice & Vitamin C can't fix!

So, last week I was exploring Twitter (looking for VO work) and I stumbled upon this article:…


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Voice Over Techniques – Follow The Face

[originally posted at August 27, 2010]

[apologies for the vid not being embedded, YouTube had embeds turned off for this one]

OK, the analogy may be a little stretched here, but this Seinfeld clip reminded me of a basic voice over technique that I hit on years ago that you may find helpful. And it’s simply this: if you’re having trouble summoning the right feeling or… Continue

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Find Your Voice Blog! 2 VO Stories: 1 Happy, 1 Sad and Useful Tips!

Hello Voicies! It's Jean Zarzour here, Owner/Instructor of Find Your Voice! Voice Acting Institute.

It's been a great summer, full of really interesting jobs (a feature film, a TV commercial, an internet spokesperson gig and voice overs) and fulfilling teaching assignments, from Cleveland to Pittsburgh. I hope the same is true for you.

Find… Continue

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Can I do this?

Many wonder if Voice-overs are right for them! This is a trade that you should learn to love, and love to learn. My experience in the industry has given me true insight as to the realities and possibilities for a talent pursuing voice-over. In a sea of voices there is many more people getting in to this business, that can be a little freighting and exciting if you are in it for the long run. I have had many mentors throughout my career and almost positive that there will be more as I stick with… Continue

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Are You Stuck?

Are you stuck? Before you answer consider how much of your work is from repeat clientele and referrals, the amount and quality of testimonials you receive from your clients, the strength of your web presence, and the effectiveness of your auditioning and voicing techniques. Take some time to reflect and be totally honest with yourself. This is the business side of voice over and if you neglect it or forget to pay attention to it, you will find yourself stuck. Stuck has no momentum. Stuck does… Continue

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Film Independent’s Filmmaker Forum Returns October 29 – 31, 2010


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WESTDOC: The West Coast Reality and Documentary Conference (September 13-15, 2010)

WESTDOC: The West Coast Reality and Documentary Conference (September 13-15, 2010)…


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I was awarded a job from a voiceover site today but before the session I got this very interesting request from the client which I've posted below.. Please read and respond with your thoughts.. Thanks

"Before we talk on the phone, it might be helpful listen to a full draft of the script in the same way you did the demo. That way we have a reference/base to work with. It was really helpful to hear the first demo. Could you do a draft of the full script before we meet?"

What… Continue

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GKN Weekly Update 8/23/10

And a happy, damp Monday to y'all!

I am a pooped camper! I haven't stopped moving since last Wednesday. I had a VO in Interlaken, NJ Thursday morning for a Homeland Security PSA. Then I drove straight to Newark Airport to pick up my mom (yes, she has officially moved from Florida!), then went to watch my friend's store in Denville until around 9:00 PM. What a day! All the time from then to now has involved the logistics of my mom's move along with working on the script for Blastaway,… Continue

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Using Voice Acting Skills in other acting projects, i.e. film and theater.

I've noticed recently that when building strength in my voice for VO projects, I dramatically improve the quality of my acting in all my film and theater endeavors. I was just cast in a fabulous play at Theatre 3 in Dallas, 33 VARIATIONS. The role of Katherine (played by Jane Fonda on Broadway last year) is heavy on dialogue - and much depends on vocal interpretation. She is a passionate, articulate speaker. In the audition, I was grateful for all of my VO experience and for pursuing the… Continue

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Thoughts on How To Best Get Narration Jobs: It Works for Me!

The voice over category I've always been most fond of is narration...narration of all kinds (although some are very boring but pay well). But whether the script is exciting or not, whether the client is a pal or a grouch, I will still say I love narrating things best of all..videos, films, documentaries, travel, cable channel projects, charity promos, city and corporate promos or training, fashion, music, educational projects for all ages, and medical.

Another thing I like about… Continue

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Studio Tricks and Tips Lesson 2: Recording Vocals

source: SAE online

Disclaimer: While a lot of this is great "FYI" for engineers in post, we do NOT recommend you send anything other than a completely dry vocal recording when auditioning.

Studio Tricks and Tips Lesson 2: Recording Vocals

Vocals are probably the most important part of a mix, they are the 'whistly' bits, the bits people hum when walking down the street. Many musicians may differ in opinion but take it from me vocals are… Continue

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Life after VOICE 2010

Almost 3 months have past since the conference and what a great investment it was. So many notes - So much learned - So much to put into action. There were things that you could implement into your business immediately such as the information Terry Daniels and Dave Courvoisier had talked about. Going through my other notes, I had picked 3 things I wanted to work on first. I've been using those 3 things every day and they have become as natural to do as breathing. So now, it's time to get those… Continue

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Road Worthy Recommendations/Question for the Panel :)

Hey everyone, being the newbee member on the block (IE: VU Member) I had a question for those of you who like me work occasionally on the road. Most of the time I've had to rely on a hotel's WiFi for getting my stuff out but I'm liking the idea of Joe's #14 video where he used Verizon Wireless internet for his Mac. Has anyone else had good luck with Verizon wireless or is there any other good wireless internet company out there that can handle 1 to 2mb uploads through email or even uploading… Continue

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(Hello Everyone!) Great To Have A Place For VO Talent Only

Special thanks to Kent Jones for turning me on to the website.
(slight cry) now I don't feel soo alone in the booth anymore

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Character Voice Acting Basics - Consistency

[Originally posted at 8-13-2010]

Another thing to watch out for when performing characters and accents in your voiceover work is CONSISTENCY. Your character’s voice, accent (if any) and speech mannerisms need to be consistent to be convincing. Take a look at the video below, in which Tina Fey and Jack McBrayer of 30 Rock demonstrate the dangers of an inconsistent… Continue

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Taji's New Project - Voiceover Buy & Sell

Morning Folks,

If you've read any of my older posts... you know I'm a closet workaholic... not so much that I like to work... I don't but rather I can't stop myself from going from project to project... I like to experiment. It often means that my projects end up being duds... but every once in a while something works out the way I'd like it to.

So during my last vacation I got the idea of this new project. I had promised myself that I would not do any work while on… Continue

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GKN Weekly Update 8/16/10

Hello, all! I hope you had a lovely weekend.

Last week's work consisted mostly of retakes for the last two sci-fi audio books I narrated for Infinivox: Mayflower II and The Political Officer. Retakes usually are needed for a few reasons:

Technical Issues (feedback, low gain, static, etc.)

Background Sounds

Script Errors

Me Being a Doofus (I mispronounced a word, inadvertently changed a word, inserted a word, flubbed an accent, or stressed the wrong… Continue

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