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ISDN Crisis? Source Connect to the rescue

Listen in on this Source Connect interview with programmer Rebekah Wilson, who, along with an incredible team of experts, created the program Source Connect back in 2005.

What started as a conversation at the dinner table, soon turned into a reality allowing voice talent to send or receive remote recording signals and bridges to ISDN connections, allowing you to record virtually from anywhere in the world via internet or intranet and never…


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Recording From Home Etiquette

Recording from Home Etiquette

Recipe Format:

In an environment of your choice carefully blend:

1 quiet environment

1 home studio

1 housecoat

1 schedule

A ton of dedication

1 supportive family


The hardest part about this recipe is obtaining the first ingredient.  It’s one thing to have all the right equipment but it’s a completely different matter trying to get your environment to cooperate with you.

“Mom did you turn…


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Five DIY Home Studio Voice-over Tips

As work from home voice-artists, we are a segregated lot. Our time recording is spent in the lonely convenience of closets, spare bedrooms, under moving blanket tents and for the truly fortunate, a sound booth. Regardless of where we record, we are usually solo, self-directing to the point of our best performance. Sure, there are patched or ISDN sessions with directors talking to us from some remote location. Still, we are standing by ourselves, behind a mic and putting our best VO effort…


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Voiceover Technique Video of the Week

Watch voiceover pro Annie Meisels perform copy in "tell it to a friend" style.


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Voiceover Exercise: One Word. Six New Perspectives.

I tell students unabashedly that I believe script analysis counts for 75% of your voiceover strategy/technique.  Going on this belief, there’s a great exercise that can fine-tune your skills for understanding the writer’s intention.  Using just one word, and understanding that one word from a sentence, can often help you to understand how to “come at” any sentence in any script.  Observe the lines below and hear how each…


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A few weeks ago I was asked to speak at a VO get together on the East coast. The subject I was given was, “How To Take Your Voice Business To The Next Level.” We couldn’t make the schedule work out, but on a plane flight I put down some thoughts that I would want to share if the opportunity had worked out.

So, here you are, for whatever they’re worth: Five butt-kickers to get you going.

1. Quit focusing on the words.

Start focusing on the listener/viewer. What is it…


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Making Your Online Audition Stand Out

Due to the most recent audition I posted for a local Ford client, I find it absolutely necessary to share some Audition Do’s and Don’ts for your AT HOME auditions.  If I could only play for you all the auditions I received!

From your home computer:


Be sure you are suited for this project

1 proper acoustic studio

1 recorded mp3 audition – (edited to final take or 2, but do not…


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