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Video: In-Studio Commercial Session Highlights

Here are some clips from a session I did recently for Valley View Casino in San Diego. We did VO for two TV spots, plus a short character intro for an in-house video:

For more info, please check out my blog:… Continue

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Got one.

Props to all you nasty, little boys who taunted me with "Clark Bar" at recess.

Promotional highlighter pens coming soon - will the excitement never end?

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Voice Over Training Detroit Continues

More PAMELA LEWIS, this time in Dexter for 3 1/2 hours Monday evening, July 20, 2009 at my home in Dexter with me acting as engineer - only six spaces and they are filling up nicely - should be quite a party.

Now, PAT FRALEY, my voice over teacher, mentor, GURU, is coming to Detroit, Saturday, August 15 and bringing his one-day Accent on Dialects Voice Over Event to RMS recording studios!!!! I'm SO excited!

...and...MORE Pamela again! For people who… Continue

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"I'm unavailable. Please don't leave a message."


"I'm unavailable.

Please don't leave a message.

I'm unavailable.

Please don't leave a message.

Are there goals that I might aim for now

If I knew just when I'd die and how?

Would I put my appetites in check?

Would I salvage anything I've wrecked?

Would I focus on important things

Or just take what inattention… Continue

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If you read Sunday's LA Times article (from June 14th) about Scott Rummell ( http://www.latimes.com/entertainment/news/la-ca-trailervoice14-2009jun14,0,5527061.story) you may be saying to yourself, "how can I learn to do that?".
Go to MYVOCOACH.COM and ask about the next Promo workshop and learn the ins and outs of Promos & Trailers.

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Interested to hear from anyone using Voice123 or Voices.com

Hello all!

I am currently doing a survey on the 2 sites listed. If you are a paying member, please post here and let me know what your success rate has been.


Lisa Erhard
Offering a free demo!

Added by Lisa Erhard on June 27, 2009 at 5:36pm — 8 Comments

Audio Blog: Big Money vs. Small Money

In this audio blog, I discuss what makes a large income possible, and share my revelation about the "secret ingredient" in any giant-sized success.

Click here to download the audio

To hear other messages on building a successful career in VO, visit… Continue

Added by Kevin Delaney on June 23, 2009 at 12:30pm — 3 Comments

Voice Emporium Centennial Post

(please note this post was written for the 100th post on my blog Taji's Voice Emporium that is not hosted on Voice Over Universe.)

Welcome.... To Taji's Voice Emporium Centennial Post. Honestly I didn't think you guys would stick with me that long. From the onset of Taji's Voice Emporium Blog ... the plan was that if people didn't seem to get into my posts... that I would scrap it after the 100th post. Things have taken a happy yet… Continue

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Bill Mitchell Tribute - BBC Radio 4

For those of you who knew or worked with Bill or are just fans, BBC Radio 4 broadcast a tribute to the great man yesterday.

If you didn't manage to catch it, you can listen here:



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Gigging for MTV today!

Yeah, baby!!

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Don't miss these insights from my friend Philip Banks

Philip hits another home run on his Voiceover Universe blog today. Take a few minutes and read the whole thing.

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Words of Power

I was thinking today that for my 99th post in my Voice Emporium Blog I wanted to make it special. I wrote up a nice chunk about my history... then deleted it. Who cares what my history is... I'm 34 and God is still throwing me curve balls left and right to test my Mettle.

What I wanted to bring to your attention today is a focus on the amount of power we wield. In 1839 Edward Bulwer-Lytton… Continue

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Voice Over Training in Detroit

Well, another Event has passed - this time with Pamela Lewis (fantastico) and Eric Head guesting (another fantastico) and I believe I'm doing something really good for Detroit Talent - trying to feed the hunger so to speak with some banquet feasts of professional talent/teachers. Sherri Berger from Chicago will return this fall and Pat Fraley may be bringing one or two of his amazing VO Events to Detroit this August. Pamela and I are already discussing what different types of voice over… Continue

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Seeking Help... representation in other markets? How to? good idea?

I have been doing my business plan for this first VO working year and I was wondering if anyone had advice about getting representation in other market places. The advantages, success stories, ways of going about seeking an agent in other markets, things to look out for... ect

I would very much appreciate your help. Thank you.

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You know you've arrived when you get stomped out by the best.

So, I'm on an audition. I think there are only two of us called. I arrive early, look over the copy, make my notes. The only direction, is light and friendly. I'm a bit suspicious because it's for the annnouncer part. So I do my thing and think I'm all good.

Another guys walks in. I intro myself. He's says," I'm G. Keith Alexander." The quake of his voice still resonates through my socks. In fact, I don't remember having as many holes in my socks as did whenI left the audition.

My… Continue

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What's Your Greatest VO Success Story?

Hi there,

I hope all is well with you. Sorry it has been a little while since I last updated my blog here at VU.

What have you been up to lately? Any good news you would like to share? Perhaps you've landed a huge gig of late that you can't wait to tell everyone about, that is, unless you've signed a non-disclosure agreement!

Regardless of where you've found success, I'd love to hear about it. If it was through Voices.com, I'd really love to hear about it… Continue

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Flash Vs. SEO - How Should You Build Your Website

G'day Mates!

Today's post might seem a little technical... but the theory and issues behind it are pretty straight forward. It was inspired by my current Casting Site Directory project and this problem has caused me numerous issues while compiling the directory.

The Voice Artists Portal

One of the most important marketing tools for the Modern Voiceover artist in our day and age is a well designed and informative website. This is your portal on the interweb and a means… Continue

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12 of 12 - June 2009

Ok, I’ve never done this before, but many of my friends have. The “12 of 12” project is a fun essay (see link) whereas on the 12th day of the month, you take 12 candid snapshots of whatever is in your life that day. Here’s mine for June of 2009.

Click HERE for my 12 photos

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Audio Clip: Standing Out of the Crowd

Here's a clip recorded at my "Creating a Killer VO Demo" workshop held this past Wednesday in North Hollywood. (At the start of our session, I asked those in attendance to share their biggest questions & concerns about making a demo.)

Click here to download the audio

Kevin… Continue

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It's the Weekend! Yay!!

I friend and I were talking today and she posts a new "song of the day" on her Facebook page each day just to drive people nuts. It's usually whatever sticks in her head for that morning. SOOOOO...

Nobody gonna breaka my stride, nobody slow me down, oh no, I've got to keep on moving..

See if that sticks in your head today.



Check out the pic of me and… Continue

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