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"Hey Fam"! My Demos are up...

Thank you, very much so for the warm welcome to this site. I hope my Audio Masterpieces are very entertaining to your eardrums. Definitely, feel free to give positive feedback or constructive criticism. You're never too good or too old to learn some new tricks. Enjoy! Make sure you enjoy your 4th of July weekend coming up. BE SAFE! I'll Holla...

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A Job Well Done

Last week on Voice Over Experts, we were treated to a very interesting lecture presented by Lisa Rice of Lisa Rice Productions called "A Job Well Done".

Part of doing a job well done is follow up with your clients. Did you know that there is an even greater need today for effective communication when working with… Continue

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The Oscar Experience

Everyone always asks me about what it's like to announce the Oscars®. Here is a piece from my website that will give you little bit of inof about the week leading up to, and the day of, the 80th Annual Academy Awards®.


Randy’s Oscar Blog

As I sit down two weeks after the show, many thoughts ramble through my head about my nine day whirlwind experience in Los Angeles. Now at home and regaining normalcy to my life, I am ready to share with you my… Continue

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I love this place!

Just a quick note to say, WOW!! :)

As if I didn't already LOVE the world of voice overs and the people I have worked and studied with along the way..this site is fabulous! I'm addicted!

And as is the case in the VO world, everyone is so DAMN friendly, genuine, and helpful.

You guys ROCK!

Thanks for the warm welcomes, old friends and new.

I'm definitely a blogger... so I look forward to writing, sharing, and reading blogs on here, and… Continue

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And here we go again ...

New Narration demo is now online. Phew! :) This one was produced by Lee Kanne along with his very insightful direction on many of the spots included. He was a joy to work with and really did a great job with the final version. In all the time I've been doing this, my Narration demo has been the one piece I wasn't all that thrilled with. I'm MUCH happier now.

So. Next project? A jingle demo ... It's in the works but it could take a while to complete. I'm not assuming anyone's actually… Continue

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Check Out Wayne Henderson's Podcast with my Demo experience!

See the link here: http://voiceoverjourney.libsyn.com/


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New Demo

I just made my new demo today with Julian and Andreas at Shut Up and Talk in New York City. They took my existing spots and spruced them up a little and then added some new ones. It was a great experience and the result is pretty terrific. It certainly shows how much I've grown in the last few years. If you're in NYC, Shut Up and Talk is a great place to get all kinds of voice over needs met.

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VoiceOvers, Radio, and New Media

After all these years, I still have to remind myself who I am: Radio Guy, Voiceover 'Talent', New Media Entrepreneur, Broadcast Engineer, or (ugg) IT Engineer. One thing is certain - you can never go back.

Let me explain...

In 1983; there was only radio; at least for me. Fast-paced, stand-up, talk-over-everything CHR radio. I was 19 years old and doing afternoon drive in the Buffalo market. It was only a kilowatt AM, at best, when the antenna impedance came close to matching up… Continue

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A Man Who Has Never Met a Stranger

I couldn't help but use the words of DC Goode to start this blog post off because they are so amazingly true, significant and befitting of the gentleman we are honoring today on the VOX Daily blog.

If you haven't been to read the article, the gentleman in question is Pat Fraley, someone who has made an enormous impact on the voice over industry through his generosity and burning desire to share… Continue

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Full Circle Comes 65 Years Later for UK Voice Actor Derek Partridge

Do you ever hear stories that make you drop your jaw and ponder the significance of what you have just heard?

Recently I had the privilege of interviewing a dear friend, Derek Partridge, who shared something that you would only dream up in the movies about his life and an astounding invitation that brought him an opportunity to bring closure to a 65 year-old mystery which has captivated thousands of people if not millions since 1943.

For those of you who are familiar with… Continue

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Has anyone ever taken this route during a vacation? Ha! I am on the road teaching and producing some demos with Such A Voice. Started out in Milwaukee where my podcast co-host Trish joined me for some training. She recently joined our team of professionals. We did take in some fun though. It was a delight to see my Minnesota Twins defeat the Milwaukee Brewers in Miller Park. What a beautiful stadium! We met up with several Twins fans from Minnesota and… Continue

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The Hurried VO Guy Pays Twice

A cautionary tale: I was in the process of looking for a booth for my home studio, when a request for a bid on a big audiobook gig came in. So I did the read and submitted a quote. Now, for some reason I got it in my head that I was gonna book this one for sure - why, I have no idea. But because of that odd impulse I ended up buying a 4x6 Whisper Room booth quickly from an engineer I know in San Diego, without checking one out in person or really thinking it through.

So the booth… Continue

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Where iz my Gigz?

As a saxophonist and a VO/Production guy, I seem to swing from limb to limb to land opportunities. When I think about it, I know that some where in the world, there is a family or church event being planned, a restaurant that needs entertainment, a couple about to get married and would love to have that sax guy playing on the beach or in a garden for their event, and or a business that needs a good spot.

If they knew I was available as a saxohonist, they'd call me or if they knew… Continue

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Like, could you stop breathing so much!

I tend to be an anal editor. But for The Bigg Success Show, I refrain from over-editing. We are having a 5-minute conversation. No need for it to be a slick production. It has to sound natural, or it doesn't sound real.

What I do edit out, however, are the little things that might be annoying to a listener. I smooth out any popping "p's" that get past our microphone filters. And if there are too many breaths taken in a sentence, I… Continue

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I just finished the first step in hopefully a long line of exciting career moves.

I recorded my first 'real' commercial demo and promo demo with Marc Rose and Leslie Jane at Dry Smoke Studios here in Portland, Oregon. My skin crawls every time I listen to them. It feels like I have grown a huge amount since last year. It's weird to think that listening to the demos that it is my voice coming out of the speakers. I have to make a shout out to Sandra Peabody who's drilled 12… Continue

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Audible.com Pays Tribute to Narrator Frank Muller

The audiobook family in voice over has suffered a tragic loss of one whose voice was quieted too soon.

To read a nice tribute about Frank Muller, please click on this link.

Also, Scott Brick shared his feelings following the death of Frank Muller shortly after he passed.… Continue

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Where is most "voiceover" going these days?

No that long ago if you were to reveal to someone...a complete stranger, a friend or even your mother that you "did voiceovers" for a living, the response you were likely to evoke might range from curiosity to confusion:"My son the voiceover...whatever that is". Voiceover was a unique, niche occupation...or, at least, avocation. But in the new millenium "doing voiceover" is in that

unique niche akin to being a burger flipper at McDonald's. Your favorite search engine will confirm that… Continue

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And yet again - a new Voice Mail Demo!

Let the trumpets sound (laugh. Yeah, right. I'm sure all of you out there are sick of this already. *grin*) - I have another new demo! Once again, thanks to the innovation of Dave DeAndrea, I have a Voice Mail demo that's ... slightly different than most of what you might hear out there. I love it - precisely BECAUSE of that. I think it demonstrates a business-like, fairly standard tone for most voice mails I'm likely to do - plus a little bit more of a warm, conversational tone in the on-hold… Continue

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Anyone have a good "Hurry up and Wait" story?

Years ago I was working a shoot for a toy (it was a video based educational toy). We're all there ready to go, tapes all loaded up on those BVH 2000's, camera ops, light guys, sound guys, beautiful set, wonderful actors, puppets, and puppetiers. This was a huge shoot. Had to be there by 7:30 am to go.

7:30 comes and goes and we're all waiting. The whole day goes by. Not a nanosecond on tape. Same thing the second day. Finally in the middle of the third day we find out what was going… Continue

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Interview with J.D. Hall, Voice of The Incredible Hulk!

Yesterday I had the privilege of speaking with J.D. Hall and got to chat with him about his voice acting role as the grunting, growling and groaning persona of the Incredible Hulk.

It was a real pleasure and I hope you can take a couple of minutes to read about this gentleman's experiences and accomplishments.

Voice actors don't nearly get the respect and recognition that they should.… Continue

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