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“This is the way we speak in my town. So what’s the problem!?!”

As we grow up and learn language, we learn words and their phrasing from our pears and family.  So, if you are from the Southern portion of the United States, you may elongate your words, because that is the way everyone speaks in your town.  Or you may speak quickly and change a vowel or two in some of your words because you are from the upper East Coast or New York.  In voice over, these subtle nuances in speech are not seen as vocal treats.  These little unnoticed slip-ups, whether by…


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Help VO Mary McKitrick get her well-deserved Emmy Statue


Mary McKitrick is a rock. (just check her website).  Which is to say she’s rock solid as a voice talent. She’s a seasoned VO professional, a talented and humble person, and I SHOULD be able to say she’s an Emmy-Award-Winner…and technically she is (Congratulations, Mary!)…but she doesn’t really have the statue to prove…


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Be real!


There are two many Sunday Christians right?  But not enough real people!  I liken religion to this because what I find as a Voice-talent and Voice coach people trying to be something there not!  Specifically the area in which they’re trying to break into, such as Movie trailer, or Narration to name a few.  Why kill yourself when your not meant for that part?  Be real and step back and allow true pro’s to look at what…


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Gully jumping - get out of the ditch!

Life is full of highs and lows - we get sidetracked into the ditch and have to find our way back to the road we are meant to travel. We need to jump out of the gully.

This past week I ran into a roadblock. It made me realize a few things & make some changes.

I have a cornea condition called, “Cornea Dystrophy”, a disorder that clouds up your vision and creates a constant burning sensation. It’s a problem that heals and then comes back. During the times that it is… Continue

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Audiobook Intensive Workshop in San Diego - Learn it and Book It!

The Voice Acting Academy Presents a Special 2 Day Intensive with Vanessa Hart

Audiobooks A – Z in San Diego, CA

May 21 and May 22

In this 2-day intensive workshop you will learn:

  • Your Audio Book Demo: General Specs and Helpful Hints (you'll be working your choices…

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Just when all hope seems lost...

I have had a very slow couple of months and I had all but given up hope. I was starting to look up jobs in the paper and on-line. I had already broke the news to my wife that I was going back to regular employment. I just didn't have enough savings to make it another month without a paycheck. Then all of the sudden the floodgates just opened up. I have been busy for several weeks non-stop with work. I have worked on over a half dozen trailers for movies and tv series on DVD... even a…


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American Accent Recording Job

Hello all,


LNTS is a company speacialize in the voice recognition.

We offer a 1-time job in recording a list of 1980 words/phrases in english to our software.

The recordings are easily done with our own software, and the work is from…


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