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The Voice Over Cafe: Episode 2!

The Voice Over Cafe is “Voice Over News served up piping HOT!"  Our guest was L.A. based movie trailer and TV promo voice over talent – Beau Weaver.  Click on the link below to listen!

The Voice Over Cafe with Terry and Trish


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Other peoples stories

Interesting how much pleasure there is in telling the stories other people have written.  Some are touching and some make you laugh.  Some times you get to share information gathered by others.  More soon to be at audible.com

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Interview on Piehole

Many thanks to Piehole.co.uk for interviewing me in their latest blog. I'm the 2nd one down


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Your voice . . . and then some!

I thought i would share a bit of the latest Voiceover Gurus blog entry.  Let's consider how much time the actor and the coach spend on voiceover techniques such as inflection, pitch, volume, background motivation, etc....It's a lot.  And rightly so.  But let's not forget the rest of you!  Your body that is.  And your face.  When you are excited about something are your hands in your pockets or are they flailing around like fly swatters?  When you are feeling warm and fuzzy and sharing…


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What is VO Buzz Weekly?


While you're there, please check out our interviews with Jess Harnell, Scott Rummell, Nancy Cartwright, Jim Cummings, Rob Paulsen, Scott Brick and Tara Strong. More cool stuff to come!!

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Short story Audiobooks

I just finished a short story for audio.  It is interesting how many books in audio form are long.  Naturally, the books are long to begin with.  That's great.  However, I know there is a market for audiobook listeners who want to also have something short form.


The author Will Bevis (Beh-vis) agrees.  "The Killing of Train-Man Brown" is not long.  Most people are not long in the car either.  This is , the way I see it, a great idea.


I don't mean to say a…


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The Voice Over Cafe Opens!!

The Voice Over Cafe brings you the latest news from the voiceover industry! Full-time voice talentsTerry Daniel and Trish Basanyi host this fun and informative show, bringing on a guest and features for every episode. Join us for “The Legal Minute” with VO artist and lawyer Rob Sciglimpaglia, The Voice Over Cafe Mailbag, and who knows what else! Average running time,…


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New Podcast Episode: Brian Lee

Here is some info from the site:

Brian Lee, one of America’s most recognized voices, is the guest.  He is widely respected for a variety of reasons and excels at literally the highest levels of the industry.   The number one theme I heard most when listeners contacted me before the episode was in regards to his “every-man” delivery.  He is not exactly what you would call a stereotypical “BIG” voice.  Of course as we all pay attention to how voices are used and the trends on the…


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It's not JUST about technique: A Unique Voiceover Strategy

I’d like to talk about The Artist’s Way – the book that changed my life.  This book is completely relevant to the work that you are pursuing: trying to be the best (voice over) artist you can be.   And yes, this book will also better your life beyond just improving your voice over performances.  The Artist’s Way, written by Julia Cameron, is peppered with inspiring…

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Big Island Film Festival, which celebrates independent narrative filmmakers and their movies, has selected Giant Monsters Attack Hawaii! as part of it’s slate of films. Only 57 short and feature films from around the world were chosen.

Giant Monsters Attack Hawaii! is a family-friendly short film with a story told through the point of view of an unqualified giant monster (a Muppet-style puppet brought to life using green screen…


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Maurice LaMarche interview by Dan Roberts

Cartoon fans know Maurice LaMarche as the Orson Welles inspired voice of scheming mouse 'the Brain' (on Animaniacs and Pinky and the Brain). He also breathes life into Kellogg's Fruit Loops pitchman Toucan Sam! And it's very possible that he convinced some of you to splurge for a Lexus.

On March 29th, 2012 he called me to discuss his experiences on Matt Groening's Futurama, Tim Burton's Ed Wood, and his early career doing stand-up comedy with Rodney…


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Billy West interview by Dan Roberts

I had the chance to talk with Billy West about his time with Howard Stern, Ren and Stimpy, Futurama and more. He's funny (as you would expect), disarmingly honest on some topics, and gave a great analogy on how to stand out from your competition. This interview took place on March 30th, 2012. Billy was in Seattle for the 10th Annual Emerald City Comicon.…


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