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http://ning.it/lMVA5M Dallas University Park Voice Over Group Meets May 12 Famous Guests!

Legend voice actors sJohn William Galt and Ken Eaken are my guests at my Dallas University Park Meetup Group night of May 12. Click link above to see all details and please share this with others in Dallas area. Gonna be great.University Park Dallas Voiceover Group

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The Voiceover Doctor is Heading Back to the "Windy City"!

Bill Holmes “The Voiceover Doctor” is heading back to Chicago again to teach a 1 day voiceover intensive! Bill started his career in Chicago and is happy to be returning to share his knowledge and diagnose what ails you in the audition process. He’ll evaluate your problems and give you the medicine you need for a speedy recovery.

Get the medicine to get…


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Have you lost your edge?

  • We all know Tiger Wood’s has seen beter days…but when will Tiger get it back? When issues that impact us from a negative action take a toll, I believe it is a smart thing to take a break.  Tiger is trying out a new swing these days that apparently needs time to adjust.  Perhaps we can learn something here…Maybe we need to step back review and try a new swing!  What worked before, may not be what the market calls for now.  How are you doing? Getting back…

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Could This Be The ONE?

You have probably collected more than a few pieces of audio hardware as a voice actor.  After all, we are always looking for that special something that will make our voices sing!  Apogee is hoping the ONE is the single piece of kit you will use in your Mac-based recording studio.


The ONE is a compact USB microphone and digital audio interface.  And with a 2.25” x 4.75” footprint it is actually small enough to fit in your pocket.  But you probably would not want to do that…


Added by Trey Thomas on April 9, 2011 at 12:00pm — 4 Comments

What am I doing here?

After a voice coach session, felt like I don't know ANYthing about this industry and I'm having a "what am I doing in this business" moment. Apparently, it's all about re-invention and creating an original and unique brand for myself. Really hard moment for me feeling like I can't do anything right. And I can't stand appeasing statements like "RAW talent" and "huge POTENTIAL." Sounds nice but feels like a dagger to the heart as far as all previous professional work I've done. After a…


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Tim Allen - Pure Michigan - Behind the VO

We all get clients who are looking for the the "Pure Michigan - Tim Allen" read.  


A friend just interviewed him for radio and Tim said that he got the Chevy and Campell's Soup campaigns because those clients wanted the "Pure Michigan" guy.  It just happened to be him.  This leads me to believe that it really is ALL ABOUT THE READ.  


May we all find our "Pure Michigan" type niche.


Jason Rooney

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Taji's Embarassing Twitter Confessions

Its not like twitter is a new technology... its been around for a while now and I figured that the best way to get insights about using twitter was from voice actors who had tried and true methods. So I wrote a blog post a few weeks back expecting tons of input... funny enough I didn't get a peep out of anyone! Well except one person who said they were just as excited to see answers to her twitter related questions as I was.


But no one said anything so here is what I did.. I…


Added by Mahmoud Taji on April 8, 2011 at 1:16pm — 5 Comments

Plea Deal in L.A. Talent-Scam Case



One of two alleged scam artists who were the first charged for violating a California law designed to protect performers has become the first to be sentenced under that law. 

David Askayar, proprietor of Hollywood Stars Management, Inc., and VIP Talent Web, Inc., pleaded no contest Thursday in Los Angeles County Superior Court to…


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Microphone Technique

This a a response to a querie about microphone placement relative to the video I posted about A 'Skype VO Session'.

I thought I would post it here for anyone else that is interested.


Actually, I also expected to be asked about the 'acoustic treatment' in my studio. which may seem a little unorthodox. I would e happy…


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Withholding Woes

[originally published 1 April 2011 at johnmatthew.com/blog]



[Obligatory Disclaimer: I am not an accountant. The information in this article is general and based on my experience. Please seek the advice of a qualified accountant when making important decisions about your taxes.]

You had great year. A few of those bookings really paid off – residuals, holding fees, plus more…


Added by John Matthew on April 4, 2011 at 3:36pm — 3 Comments

Acoustics 101: with Professor Arthur Maxx



I often receive questions from VU Members about home studios. The following information will answer your questions about how Acoustics affect your current or future studio.



There are 2 main factors in…


Added by David W Stone on April 3, 2011 at 12:00pm — 5 Comments

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