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Announcing the VOICE 2012 commercial! Voice actor, John Wray.

The Mayan Calendar? Ha!  VOICE 2012 is alive and well!

Announcing the VOICE 2012 commercial! Voice actor, John Wray, was tapped to voice this video commercial after being chosen from over 200 auditions. Congratulations, John!…


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My first paying gig!!!!

Well it's 3/28/2012 and I have completed my second coaching session for my demo, and you know what? I just completed my first paying V.O. job. I did a music/advertising on hold for one of my full time employers customers. Did the voice work, picked the bed music, mixed it and tweaked it and the owner loved it(big pat on the back to me). The good Lord really dose have a plan for me in this industry.

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"Batman" Kevin Conroy interview (audio)

Kevin Conroy has logged more hours as the Dark Knight than any other actor. He phoned from the Batcave on March 26th to talk about 20 years of Batman the animated series, the video-game Arkham City, and how he cuts loose between takes.


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Rob "Pinky & the Brain" Paulsen interview (audio)

Rob Paulsen may be the nicest man on planet Earth. I think you'll hear that in his words and feel it in how genuinely he delivers those words. Rob is the voice of a wide variety of cartoon characters ranging from Pinky (as in "and the Brain"), Yakko Warner (Animaniacs), Raphael and Donatello (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles), Hadji (Johnny Quest), and many more.

On March 26th, 2012 he called to talk toons, working for Steven…


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Dave Coulier interviewed by Dan Roberts (audio)

Comedian, voice-actor and Full House alumni Dave Coulier swung by the studio on March 23rd, 2012. Dave does a ton of impressions for you, plus shares stories about Jim Henson, Frank Welker, and others. My favorite part of the conversation was Dave's heartwarming story about how his prep-school principal encouraged his creativity. Take…


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Editing VO's with Studio One 2 Producer

Can anyone tell me how to edit voiceovers in Studio One 2 Producer?

I had to give up my Adobe Audition, (which I was very at home with) after updating my computer to 8 gig 64 bit Windows 7.  I can record just fine but haven't a clue on how to edit my voice tracks.


Jim Westcott

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How to (not) Make A Great Voice Over Demo

I have been coaching/producing demos for almost 20 years now and i if i had any important advice to share with voice over artists about creating a demo, it is this: make absolutely sure to get an evaluation first before you pay to have your demo made.  Do not pass go before this important step in your career.  I'd like to help you protect your wallet and your reputation!  Read below:…


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Creating Your Demo Copy


Hopefully you’ve taken enough training now that you KNOW you are ready to make a demo.  Depending on the demo director/coach/producer you choose, you may want to help create your demo copy.   Keep in mind we are talking about demos that are created from scratch, not demos…


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Classic Cartoon Characters


Just made this. Well, I say 'just' made it, it took me ages! My homage to the classic cartoon characters we grew up with. Enjoy!

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And so it begins.  I have decided to finally do what I've wanted to do for years...decades.  All I needed was equipment.  Into my lap fell a MacBook Pro from ebay.  This MacBook already had Adobe CS5.5 pre-loaded onto it.  Ok, wow.

There was my recording software.

I asked a buddy who is in the sound business what was the best USB mic for VO, and he told me the Blue Snowball.  The snowball happened to be on sale, so it was mine.  

I started goofing…


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Love That VoiceOver - J.S. Gilbert VO Actor+ Voice of Sweet Tooth!

Click here to listen to part 1 of 4 15 min segments interviewing the talented J.S.Gilbert. 

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Economy Slump


Image Courtesy of Ambros

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m seeing a huge slump in the industry right now, in fact in most industries.  It could be a result of the unfortunate drop in the economy in the U.S., it could be a bit of saturation in the market, it could be clients are holding off on spending, or…


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Words of Wisdom

Well, my words of wisdom seem to be being very well received so here’s a new one for today, again from the Dalai Lama.  This is a really wonderful piece of wisdom that will help to soften the blow of disappointment whenever it strikes.

…everything in the world comes about as a result of many factors.  In any given occurrence, our own actions are only one factor in a great range of causes and conditions.  Similarly, there are…


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Over Practicing.....

Over Practicing – getting stuck in the read

Work your copy! Find your character! Learn the back story! Know what you’re reading! But then don’t over practice either! AHHHHH make up your minds! It can all seem overwhelming…you’ll hear one thing from one person and then something totally contradicting from the other. Just goes to show you…


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A Good Case for Mono

Recording in Mono  vs Stereo

The more you work in this industry, the more you take for granted the little things that you gradually learn on your own, might not have known starting out, or learned by trial and error.  Much like what format to record in….Stereo or Mono?  I’ve had several students send me files to listen to or critique and the files are Voice Only.  When they recorded, they recorded in stereo.  Stereo is only meant to separate the left and right sound channels…


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Thank you!

Well, I always love it when something I write up can ellicit discussion

among the VO community and my article Thursday on investing in yourself

did just that.  My inbox was buzzing with kind comments, letters of thank you

 for encouragement, and questions about continuing education.  As you

know, I am always here for any of you who think you might benefit from my…


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Investing in YOURSELF!

This is such a tough time for many.  The economy is catching up to most of us and everyone is tightening the noose on their budgets....understandably so.  What a predicament for many.   You've invested a ton into your craft, both in time and in money.  You have family and friends that are rooting for you to…


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