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Quieting a noisy computer


So I'm not the blogging type, but I thought this topic was worth the time for your consideration.

I have a home-brewed computer that's about 8 years old - and one of the real pains about computers and many other mechanical devices, it that they create noise.

My computer had this nasty habit of wearing out fans - or more precisely creating noisy fans. Most recently, the power supply fan had developed excessive noise - not the squeal like you get when the bearing is… Continue

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Adobe Audition for MAC (Beta) For real!!

Note: This blog is mainly intended for those that have used Adobe Audition for Windows.



Recently I've entered the world of Apple! Yeah, Yeah.... don't start on me. But, after years of crashing computers, viruses, and waiting for my pc to load... After a discussion in the VU FaceBook group, as well as a nudging…


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You are in the thoughts and prayers of many, both friends and strangers. Hope that knowledge surrounds you with comfort and that God surrounds you with a peace for your heart and for your soul.

Pam Almand

The Captain's Voice 

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For those of you who hadn't heard, my wife, Susan Thisdell Jones passed away peacefully Thursday, March 17th, after a 9 year battle with breast cancer.  Some of you met her at Voice 2008, some at the LA voiceover mixer.  Thanks for the thoughts and prayers.

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Eight Ideas to Help You Wade Through Inbox Muck

In a previous life, I was a Software Development Engineer in Test at the largest software company in the world. The team of extremely smart folks that I was on, developed a prominent e-mail application. I believe one of the goals was to keep customers in our e-mail inbox for as long as possible. It was designed with bells and whistles that alerted you when new mail arrived, beckoning you to deal with it in real time.

On any given day, I received over 200 e-mail items. Some were not…


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Bidding for VO auditions

Greetings All,

     Just joined VU. After being out of the VO game for awhile, I now find myself receiving audition scripts from various sources via internet. Not having any previous relationship with sender or company, they want me to submit vo audition with my rate that they may use to determine if it's low enough to grant me the job. What's everyone's opinion regarding bidding for work?



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Need LOCAL LA VO Artist - Vin Scully impression - SAG

Looking for a near Vin Scully impression.

This is not low budget or a student film.

Must be local to LA! (Sorry no ISDN, director wants to choose talent in person)

This is a HURRY UP deal!

Must be SAG - One Day Rate

Need 3 people, director will choose one.

Please email me if interested and I will get you a sample script and audio

Need ASAP!!!

Added by Damon Sauer on March 16, 2011 at 10:19am — 1 Comment

I will no longer be posting the Good Karma Network Weekly Update here. You can now find it at:   Please subscribe to the RSS feed or you can read it on WordPress, Twitte…

I will no longer be posting the Good Karma Network Weekly Update here. You can now find it at:


Please subscribe to the RSS feed or you can read it on WordPress, Twitter, MySpace, Facebook, or Yahoo! Groups.




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Has The iPad Become The New Portable VO Studio?

Many of us use laptops with a solid USB mic or digital audio interface like the MicPort Pro.  All you have to do is load your favorite DAW, hit record, edit and then email the final product.  It's a great way to record those all-important sessions or auditions while on the go.  But what if I told you that you could soon use an iPad as a portable VO Studio?


Well, the fine folks at Apogee have recently…


Added by Trey Thomas on March 11, 2011 at 11:30am — 2 Comments

Five Must Have Online Gizmos for Your Voice-Over Toolbox

It should never be said that voice-over work lacks variety. Whether it be the type of project, length, emotive delivery or just the file format requested by the customer, most projects are unique.

Along the way on my voice-over trek, I’ve gone searching for tools to help me get a particular job to the finish line. Most are easy to use and intuitive to implement. Except for one, all cost nothing to use. Free is a price most anybody can afford.

1. Word to…


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The Workout Group

[originally posted 25 Feb 2011 at]


As I mentioned in the previous post The 10 Keys To Voiceover Success, one of the best – and fortunately cheapest - things you can do for your voiceover career is to get in a voiceover workout group. I recommend this to all my students, anytime I speak at a… Continue

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Sam Chwat, Dialect Coach To The Stars (And To Us)

Thanks to @ GeorgeWashington III's twitter post and the ever growing hashtag #Voiceover I saw the following post...…


Added by VU - Founder - Zurek on March 9, 2011 at 2:00pm — 1 Comment

Stock Video Effects Backgrounds and more

Hi V.U. Peeps

I do a lot of Video and Audio Production.For Band Demo's.  I'm always in search of good stock footage. I came acroos this site earlier today.

If Anybody is Looking for Stock video they can edit and Narrate, Use for Production,intro's outro's etc. 

You should check this out

Video Blocks Is offering A 7 day free trial of unlimited downloads.

Stock Video




Use in any project - Royalty Free! …


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You Know You're A Voice Talent When:

You know you're a voice talent when:

1. You have a chronic case of headphone hair.

2. You catch yourself repeating lines you hear in commercials.

3. You believe mouth ticks can kill you.

4. A one take is like a hole in one.

5. You know what it means to rock the mic.

6. You've done a few takes and then realized you weren't recording.

7. You hate P words.…


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GKN Weekly Update 3/7/11

Happy Windy, Flood-Warning Monday!

Be careful out there guys. It's pretty gnarly out there today!

I, like most people, love to be needed. It's good for the ego as well as the soul. When I am called upon for advice by my peers it makes happy to know I can help. With that in mind, this morning I got a lovely email from my dear friend & fellow GKN member Christina Rodriguez, asking for tips on how to turn a new… Continue

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Catch Joe Cipriano's Video Webcast of the Jim Bohannon Radio Show Tonight on VU!

Jim Bohannon Radio Show

No need to go anywhere else to catch Joe Cipriano's Live Video Webcast of the Jim Bohannon Radio Show on Monday, March 7th.  Catch it EXCLUSIVELY on

Tune in to VU to see and hear the interview Tonight, March 7th from 11 p.m. to Midnight (Eastern) -- 8 p.m. to 9 p.m. (Pacific).

You're invited to…


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Great vocal warm-up exercises from the National Theatre.

National Theater is an online site for on-stage actors, and thanks to @AleneCookeVO's Tweets I am able to share these vocal warm-ups with you.

Added by VU - Founder - Zurek on March 6, 2011 at 5:06pm — 15 Comments

Attach a phrase to a voice


I was talking to a TV commercial producer in New York last week and he had a sound in his head, it was the sound of a particular type of FVO.

"What's she most likely to say?" I asked.

"You mean in the commercial" He replied a little puzzled.

"No. Don't think about it, just hear her say something..ANYTHING"

"SO bite me!" he snapped.

"Pam Tierney - The female voice you're looking for is Pam Tierney"…


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Facial Exercise

Just Like any other Muscle...use it or lose it,

I try to make a habit of facial exercise.

Anyone else have any favorites

1. open your mouth as wide as you can and hold for 3-5 sec.

2.close mouth suck in your cheeks like a fish.

3. Tilt your head back as far as you can,extend your lower jaw upward you should feel the  streching in your neck and chin ( this will also help get rid of that double chin).

I do these whenever I can. Just beware.

If you do them…


Added by Zook Matthews on March 4, 2011 at 8:49pm — 2 Comments

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