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GKN Weekly Update 3/29/10

Good morning! I'm a bit slow on the upswing today. This weekend was

pretty eventful. All good stuff and all fun stuff!

Last week I

did voiceover spots for the Somerset and Steeplechase Cancer Centers. A

big thanks to my friend and Project: TERRA partner Angelo Panetta for

casting me! The fun part is that I'm going to be in these commercials

with my dear colleague Amy Snively (coincidentally, the voice of

Mnemosyne in Project: TERRA!). This is the third… Continue

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Podcast: James Alburger

In this podcast interview, James Alburger describes his many roles in, and background to voice acting, and explains why we should “stay in character”. His conversation includes interesting insights into his partnership with Penny Abshire, and a behind the scenes look at VOICE2010.

To hear the full interview, and view the transcript, please visit…


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Become a fan and help children with cancer

Are you on Facebook? Become a fan of this ad agency and they will donate money to cancer research/aid.

Details are here:!/pages/Magner-Sanborn/100421309183?ref=nf

While you're there, watch the videos. A simple yet original and powerful campaign, delivered with perfection by the actors, writers;…


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Kim Dawson passed away in Dallas and I loved her and so does God. The tale of a pioneer.

Kim Dawson, legendary agent, died today. She was 85 years old and a victim of Alzheimers. She was a top model in NYC for many years and then a top agent nationwide based in Dallas. A pioneer. She had the eye for fashion models and knew actors and voice actors. She booked children and animals and every type of act imaginable in her career. She had a wonderful staff and family who supported her always. She was the patron of so many charities and causes. She… Continue

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A tale of being given the run-around

So my agent calls me late Thursday night asking if I'm free for a last minute advert for tv: a new musical tomorrow morning, The Neil Sedaka Story. YES! So I get up early, go to the studio on the other side of London and do the session with the client on ISDN. I read the short script every way, from hard sell OTT to soft and smooth, to casual and everything in between. After giving him 20 different versions, he thanks me and I'm done.

I go off to do my drum teaching and when I get of… Continue

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Ready, Set, GO!!!

Today must be my birthday because I recieved a Voice Over certificate of completion from Mike O'brian- American Broadcasting Institute-. I've been studying with him for the last 8-9 months. Thanks Mike for all the help.

Also locked in on an email address and domain name that fits my business name and am starting a trial website hosted by Intuit.

My chosen business name -Voice One Communication- hopefully it works! Email address…


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Talent beware!

As talented, creative people looking for ways to share our gifts, we can be easy targets for scam artists. The devil, you've heard it said, speaks with a silver tongue. People who present themselves as the gate-keeper to our success often get our attention because they tell us what we want to hear. And we want our dream to come true so badly! Here comes another cliche: if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is! At least do some research before you hand anybody your hard-earned…


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I have the distinctive honor of Narrator for a project playing The Smithsonian and major museums and aquariums across the US.

It's not every day you get a gig that plays The Smithsonian. I feel that it was an honor to be able to even do it. The project was produced by NOAA's Ocean Today project. It's called Arctic Exploration and is now playing at The Smithsonian Institute and major museums and aquariums across the US at the Ocean Today Displays. All parties involved were really pleased with the outcome and have more projects coming that they want me to record for them.…


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My best voice-over ever!

What was your best voice-over ever? The one that you felt was important to brag about? I was privileged to have done some Voice work for the late Peter Jennings of “World News Tonight” What a thrill it was to know it made it on Network TV.

Not everything you will do will have that kind…


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GKN Weekly Update 3/22/10

Happy Spring!!! It has finally sprung and I hope everyone enjoyed last

week's beautiful weather. Oh, and look out for this afternoon's Flood

Warning. Yikes!

For those of you who aren't aware, when I'm not pursuing voiceovers I have a side project called "Project: T.E.R.R.A.".

It's a computer animated sci-fi drama which I and my fellow 3ative

Productions members (David Martin, Angelo Panetta) have been working on

for the past three years. Like most side… Continue

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To be good at something

For any great achievement to take hold; hard work and vision were always part of the plan! During training there is always rough weather, and temporary setbacks that can seem at times strong enough to knock us off our feet. What makes people great is getting up after each setback and never giving in to defeat. Life is a gift and knowing that in itself should give you the motivation to try…


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GKN Weekly update 3/15/10

Happy post I-Saw-A-Dumpster-Floating-Down-The-Street Day! I hope

everyone is safe and dry.

So last week I narrated the short film, "Last Man of Idaho". This is a fascinating piece shot entirely with

stills. It was conceived by the brilliant Ascot Smith, a Kansas City

artist. This film is about a man from the future who travels back in

time to find someone who is uncertain about life. When he travels back

in time he accidentally gets stuck in, are you ready for… Continue

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My first audiobook released 3/5/10 - "The Philadelphia Report"

"This project was a collaborative effort with 13 other voice professionals. The content was challenging but was a major turning point in my voice over career. I've been bitten by the audiobook bug. Working with Cherry Hill Publishing was easy, friendly, and fun. It was a very enjoyable experience. I look forward to working on more projects with them in the future." - Roy Bunales

Here's the press release from the Publisher:…


Added by Roy Soriano Bunales on March 14, 2010 at 12:54am — 2 Comments

Should you Inc or LLC?

Should You Inc or LLC?

by Kate McClanaghan,

Often I am asked, “Should I incorporate? Or maybe I should LLC?”

Good question.

At SOUND ADVICE, we recommend you LLC, rather than INC,…


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The Most Sought-After Type

The Most Sought-After Type

By Kate McClanaghan,

Do you know what your ‘type’ is?

In other words, are you fairly aware of how people see you and what type of roles you’d most likely be considered to play?

Well, are you thought…


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You’re business plan

At the end of the day when it’s all said and done it’s your business! Plenty of company’s make their people evaluate job performance and it makes a person think a little, not such a bad thing. Stepping back and evaluating your business plan and retooling how you do things may help to breathe new life into your business. A friend of mine did this and found out how much time he was…


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Staying Healthy!

Stay Healthy…Be Happy!

January 22nd, 2010

By Kate McClanaghan,

Here are a…


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Thank You

Thanks to all of you who wished me well on my birthday. At this point my ears are bigger than my mouth, I listen to all of you everyday on your blog posts, the forums, the buzz, and in group session. And even some on linkedin. You are all great and I enjoy learning from you all. And I will be using my mouth more in the future, I'll need to. Thanks everyone!!

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GKN Weekly Update 3/8/10

Happy post-Oscar thank-God-Cablevision-got-its-act-together Day! I have

a few awards to hand out, too. Let's call them the Roggies. You know,

like Rognog Productions?

For Best Performance by a Networker and a Darling Friend, the Roggie goes to...Lisa DeSimone!!! It was great

seeing you at that recording session last week and thanks for the


For Best New Client, the Roggie goes to...Cynthia Kay!!! I had a blast at our recording session last week… Continue

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Audition Tips from Pros!

Stumbled upon an old article from Animation World Magazine; circa 1999. The piece targets voice-actors and is a list of do's and don'ts from casting directors, producers and directors. I've included a link to the article here: I think it's got some good, still-relevant advice and I wanted to share it with you.

Here are a…


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