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Trailer Voice-Over Work Scarce for Women

Source: New York Times

Why Men Always Tell You to See Movies

Trailer Voice-Over Work Scarce for Women



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There’s been a lot of discussion over the past couple of years about how clients want more “conversational” reads and delivery.  As voice talents, we are constantly asked to do something “conversational” like Dennis Haysbert, or Denis Leary, or Morgan Freeman; or the one I get all the time, Sam Elliot (How come women are never asked to sound like some female celebrity?).

Well, what do clients really mean when they ask for conversational? 

I’ve started asking new clients to give…


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So You Want to Be a Star?!

Here's something for you to hand your next door neighbor, postman, hairdresser - whoever - next time they say "Hey, I could do that.  How do you get started?

So You Want to be a Star  by Debora Duckett  www.dbtalent.com


There are a LOT of wannabe talents out there – from actors to dancers to musicians to artists of every type. I should know. I’ve owned a talent agency for almost 32 years. And I’ve seen or heard the best and…


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The importance of good audio.

Sure, the video and script are an important part of the message,

But it's the music and sound design that deliver your message in the most dynamic way.

Here's a short explanation of what I mean:


If you want your message, your branding to be elevated above the clutter and be more effective,

pull back on the frequency a…


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The Art Of Creating Art

Almost every man I know wants to drive like a pro. Its a strange thing this fascination the male members of the human species have with moving vehicles. Not so much tractors and heavy machinery... with those we would like to think of ourselves as instinctively intuitive, as in, you can operate this behemoth of a machine instinctively without instruction or prior training. But the truth of the matter is that there are good drivers, and bad drivers... and everyone in between…


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Fun VO for Star94 in Atlanta!

011112-saxy idol-dosequis-mix1a by… Continue

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The best Voice OVer Preamps


Here you`ll find the best Voice Over Preamps. More Info you`ll find here:


But remember: It is always the combination of Mic, Preamp and AD converter which defines the result. Not to mention "little things" like EQ, Compression or even cables (we only use Monster Cables or Vovox Klangleiter in our studios):…

DAV_bg 1u front

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Piehole Voice Over Demo of the Year Competition 2012

Uncle Piehole wants YOU to submit your most awesomest demo reel and go head to head against the greatest talent that the VO community has to offer with the glorious goal of being crowned with most amazing voice-reel out there!



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