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GKN Weekly Update 1/31/11

Good morning, everybody! Getting ready for another week of crap-tastic weather? I sure am.

Sitting down at my desk every Monday to write this here thang has been a ritual of mine for over four years. I get immense pleasure out of it, but sometimes I sit down, open up Blogger, and discover that I have absolutely nothing to say. When that happens, I sit here and wait for something to inspire me. Usually all I have to do is look at my planner and read what happened in my life the… Continue

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Well........I'm happy to announce that the nail-biting mystery of what the next VU Hot Pick is has finally been resolved!


I'm my last blog post, I said that I got a call from Harlan Hogan saying the my next new Hot Pick selection was going to be a mystery and he only gave me 4 clues!

  • It's something that EVERY voice actor needs in their home studio.
  • It LOOKS GOOD on the wall



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The Next VU Hot Pick is a MYSTERY....HELP ME!

Norman Lee here...


VU Family...I need your help!


I got a phone call telling me that I would be receiving VU's next Hot Pick, but I don't know what it is.  I was told only these four things:

  • It's something that EVERY voice actor needs in their home studio.
  • It can SAVE a…

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What is the metric for the value of perseverance?

I sometimes wonder how we get caught up so much with trying to 'monetize' everything we do on the web. I think people worry too much about trying to measure effectiveness, and not enough time on simply being effective. Some people are just afraid to get in there and get their nose bloody. How can you be effective if you don't try? Is it fear of failure? I'd wager it has something to do with that. But if you don't fail, how do you learn to pick yourself up, dust yourself off,…


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Mics and plugins and processors, OH MY...

Someone's bound to come through with some sage advice on this one.


I was able to bring home a borrowed Rode NT2A last week to test out. Oh, yeah. I fell in love. Even in my imperfectly-soundproofed room, the mic is a joy to work with. (Most times. I still need a pop filter on the front of it...)


So, I need a processor. My old rig? MXL-1006 directly into a USB soundcard, Adobe 3.0 and the standard Adobe plugins, and a decent HP rig with Win 7. NO…


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Advertising Music - Adtunes.com

[originally posted 21 January 2011 at www.johnmatthew.com/blog]

My YouTube channel (http://www.youtube.com/user/JohnMatthewVO) has received over 6,000 upload views in it’s first year – pretty cool! But a good part of that is thanks to just one spot. About 4 months ago, a YouTube user posted a comment on one of my Toyota commercials, wanting to…


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GKN Weekly Update 1/24/11

Hello on this...holy crap it's cold outside! I am so glad I don't need to go anywhere today.

First off...ANNOUNCEMENT: I am a featured talent on Nextcat! check it out here.

Recently my dear friend and fellow GKN'er Morgan Barnhart give me some great tips to improve the quality of the GKN Weekly Update (which is basically a blog), to increase the number of loyal, wonderful… Continue

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Voice Over Phone

The New LG Audition for voice over actors on the go:





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"Should I touch the cans or not?" - another 'Delightfully Irreverent, Yet Effective' discussion.

Gotcha! This blog is totally not about what you were thinking, unless you immediately thought, "STUDIO HEADPHONES...YES!" And if you did, congratulations, you're not a lech. This time.

My friend Erik Sheppard posted a link about new studio headphones by KRK, and so I was inspired. Thanks, bro.

KRK Rokit 5's are the monitors I have in my studio. They're totally great for locking in my voiceover tracks.…


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An Epidemic: Mediocrity

How many times have we said the phrase “Ah, it’s good enough” when we knew darn well that is wasn’t? God knows, I have been guilty of that myself.  Mediocrity should be illegal in this country.  A crime punishable by a slap in the face and a kick in the ass!  Okay, I’m kidding.  Sort of.

When I first started out in voiceovers, I didn’t have the same principles that I do now.…


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GKN Weekly Update 1/17/11

Well, hi there. How YOU doin'? I'm alright.

So, let's pick up where we left off with Goal Setting 101. Last week we talked about setting goals for the year. This week were going to talk about the dreaded Action Plan!

I've been writing Monthly Action Plans for myself for over five years. Let me tell you, there is nothing more grounding than to have it all written down, staring at you, every day. It's like that volleyball Wilson in Tom Hanks's movie "Castaway". It makes you… Continue

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Asking for help

Dear friends - One of my colleagues lost his 2-month old daughter this week. I am trying to raise some money to help his family with the burden of her medical bills and funeral costs.

If you can donate - even $5 would help, please click here:…

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Voice | Actor | Coach - Rodney Saulsberry nominated for Naacp Image Award.

For Rodney's role as a "Homeless Golden Voice" singer, he nabs an NAACP image award nomination for Outstanding Actor in a daytime drama series on Bold and the Beautiful.


He also the voice of the Twix commercials, "Need a moment? Chew it over with Twix."


Click to see the list of…


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In the Booth in Cincy and Coaching in Ohio

Felt really great to be at a professional studio recording again last Friday - this time at Sonic Arts Studio run by its owner, John McDaniel in downtown Cincinnati.  I reached out to Sonic Arts when my family relocated from Detroit to the Dayton area last summer.  John was not only receptive to my inquiries about finding a recording studio home for prospective workshops and clients, but took me to lunch!  His staff is especially proficient and kind, and took extra care with me Friday when I… Continue

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The Ted Williams Experience

I have heard so much negativity from disgruntled voice actors, radio dj's, and voiceover artists about Ted Williams getting his big break. I have been experiencing that on a somewhat smaller scale ever since I became a professional. Why can't we be proud of our work? I don't post how much money I make from booking a session and yet I book two or three sessions in one month and post that it's a slow start but I'm thankful for it, and then get told by voiceover veterans, "slow?!? two or three…


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Consideration for Ted Williams

As a Voice Actor, Voice Acting Coach and Ohioan, it warms my heart to learn about the rise of Ted Williams, not just as a voice artist, but as an emerging, proud and productive member of society.

It's obvious that his heart is in the right place and that he wants to do his best. I hope that this experience will eventually inspire him to make a greater contribution to…


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Ted Williams on Entertainment Tonight - Today @ The Don LaFontaine VO Lab


Today on Entertainment Tonight. January 11, 2011




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GKN Weekly Update 1/10/11

Hello to you on this brisk Monday morning! I had a great weekend, the coolest part being the poker tournament I participated in. Out of 42 players, I came in FIRST PLACE! That's right, I won the whole shebang. Last year I won one hand so my goal was to win two. I overshot. Anyway, we have much to discuss...!…

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Voiceover Marketing – Building Relationships With Clients

[Originally posted 7 January 2011 at johnmatthew.com/blog]


Voice actress Melissa Lawson (http://melissalawsonvo.com/) asks: “… what is your take on building relationships as a VO talent? Do you cultivate relationships that keep you getting hired back by the same orgs?”

Great question, Melissa. The business of client relationships, and…


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Emailing is lazy

 I just thought I'd post this up, because every day I see job's slipping through the cracks! The easiest way for a voiceover to increase their chances of reeling in a gig, is to pick up the phone.  Often clients leave an email address and a phone number when they put an enquiry in. Most VO's choose to reply via email, because it's easier and saves any awkward actual human contact.  But actually, picking up the phone is way more effective.    You have an instant human connection, and you're…


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