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Coming Soon: "The League Of Extraordinary Talent"

I'm currently working on a global podcast that will feature a select number of entrepreneurs from several different countries. Voice talents, musicians, film makers, etc. I'm very excited about this. Stay tuned. :)

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Dinner With Steve

Yeah, Steve is the preferred way that Stephen J. Cannell likes to be addressed. The prolific giant of TV series looks just as he did on the closing credits of his many series - down to the turtleneck shirt. He suffered and suffers with dyslexia. It could be said that it provided the motivation for him to succeed. After suffering much embarrassment in school, he finally found a professor/mentor who convinced him that he had writing talent. After squeaking by to graduate from college, he spent… Continue

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Don’t Reinvent the Business Wheel

The speedy way to a successful business is by watching and learning from your competitors. With taking the time to investigate what has made their business work, you will be able to discover the best methods and improve upon their model. Here are a few ways to examine your competition:

Watch and Ask: Observe your competitors both online and offline, or through word of mouth. Don't hesitate to ask others about your competitors.

Study and Search: Look at your… Continue

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"PUSHED" on TheWB.com

So slowly but surely I seem to be headed towards king of the "Webisodes". My latest foray into this world finds me landing on TheWB.com for their latest Web Series, "Pushed".

The series follows the exploits of Kurt and London. Kurt is married to London, a high end fashion model who just so happens to be coming into a substantial trust very soon. Did I say substantial? I meant ridiculous-- Like 80…

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Asante's latest booking

I just booked and recorded 8 National Radio Spots for a Boost Mobile Campaign titled "Unwronged". I'm the announcer for the campaign. The spots will run for the next year. Very great and exciting start for 2009.

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Cox on TV CLIP

They say you get 15 minutes of fame...here's my first 15 sec.


Look about 4 minutes in for the bald customs officer...he's a Jack-ass...lol


Added by Bryan Cox on January 28, 2009 at 7:56pm — 1 Comment

Marice Tobias, Better, Faster, Now weekend intensive workshop....my thoughts

Marice Tobias, Better, Faster, Now....my thoughts

I have had so many friends ask about what it was like to work with the great Marice Tobias, I'll give you the nutshell version. Marice has been called the "Voiceover Psychologist" and the "Voice Whisperer" by some. These are accurate depictions. Marice has the uncanny ability to get inside the actor's head and help rid the artist's psyche of all the demons that hold us back from giving true performances. I have long had… Continue

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Stephen J. Cannell

Yes, THAT Stephen J. Cannell - producer/writer of many iconic TV series is going to be in Sarasota Thurs. evening and I am having dinner with him! He's on a booksigning tour for his latest tome - ON THE GRIND. This will be agreat opportunity to learn about his experiences in La LA Land. I am really lookiing forward to this!

Added by Pat McCall on January 26, 2009 at 4:44pm — 2 Comments

Starcraft 2

Just worked on the Starcraft 2 video game yesterday (I play Protoss Mothership)! It was great seeing familiar faces again and a lot of fun! Voice Acting has GOT to be the best job in the world!

Added by Rena Durham on January 24, 2009 at 12:00pm — 1 Comment

New Radio Imaging Demo

I have just completed work on a brand new radio imaging demo -- and thanks to all of my friends who offered help in choosing the right way to stack it and what to include and what to leave out.


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Today, I am proud to the 20th power-- today, America is proud--The WORLD is watching and waiting. Today, Barack H. Obama was sworn in as the 44th President of these United States, which is a First for this nation. We have truly come a long way and we have a long path before us- it will take each of us to keep the momentum flowing.

From many there comes "ONE", that "ONE" will lead the multitude.


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Sit at my Oscar Table at the Night of 100 Stars black tie gala Feb 22nd

I have a table of 10, so sign up for a spot for $750, because individual tickets are $1000.


(310) 399-2064



SUN EVE. FEB 22ND 2009




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Podcast Power Quarter Hour

It is my pleasure to announce the launch of the Podcast Power Quarter Hour (PPQH). Please visit and enjoy a unique look at web 2.0 and new media through the eyes of three uniquely talented people (just like you) and join us as we learn together in plain English. Targeted at the non-techie crowd and all of those who recognize web 2.0 and new media as a great way to communicate a message, promote an idea, or sell a used hubcap but aren’t quite sure where to start! A transparent, honest and open… Continue

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Hey Uni buds,

Just completed Co Directing my first Graphic Motion Comics gig.

The name of the strip is "SPARKS" and was created by Chris Follino ( Producer/Director of "GAMERS" and William Katt ( Greatest American Hero " ) .

I helped cast, vo'd a bit and Co Directed.

I hope all of you with iPhones and iTunes will download the first segment, and give us a great


If it does… Continue

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Effective New Years Resolutions For Voice Talents

Everyone talks about resolutions for the new year so I thought I would list mine from a business perspective.

1. Put in an extra hour a day working toward your goals.

2. When talking with a client on the phone, talk with a smile. It will make a world of difference.

3. Never settle for mediocrity. We've all done it. "Ah, that's good enough".

4. I'm going to steal this one from Yoda. Do or do not. There is no try.

5. Smother a troubling… Continue

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Acting up

Last weekend I did another Murder Mystery Dinner. This time at a country club across the state. They even put us up in motel rooms after the show - which was a real blessing. I don't think I could have roared back to Osprey after putting so much energy out there. I had a dual role of playing the Security Guy, DB DuMoss, and his twin, a bit slow, brother LB DuMoss. All it took was a change in costume after DB was "killed." Interacting with the party-goers, in character, was challenging and fun.… Continue

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New Baby! #2

Well new year....New baby on the way! Emma is 5 and we just found out we're having #2. A true blessing.

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Stay away from the downer nay sayer doomsday talkers. Take it from me a longtime voiceover pro.

Stay away from the doomsday newscasts talking of gloom and no money and bankruptcies and out of work people. I have stopped listening to most of the network newscasts about business concerns. While we know this exists (always in every country in every year) and car dealers need to sell more cars and clothing stores are giving deep discounts, our business is advertising. We do well in hard times. Corporations need us for training. We are doing public service announcements. We are a part of the… Continue

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See Success with a Winning Attitude

Despite the challenging economic times, many businesses manage to keep their heads above water, which can bring the best out in people.

I'm not just in this field of voice acting for the money, although coming off of my best year ever certainly helps. I just realized that I've been a professional working and supported by the microphone for almost for over three quarters of my LIFE! I must say I absolutely love what I do. I think if you are enthusiastic and believe in yourself and… Continue

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The Care and Feeding of Your Voice

In the voice over business, the voice comes first. When you have the luxury of numerous takes, a bit of mouth noise or worse, a sore throat, can take you out of the game. To that end, I would love to share with you some tips based on some of things that have helped me over the years.

Last spring I got really sick. So sick that I thought to myself that “this is why elderly people die from the flu.” I realized that this was the sickest I had been in eight years.

In my effort… Continue

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