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Video Film Tips from Bettye Zoller Seitz

Naturalness. Believable. Can't know you're reading! And read must time to visuals. This skill is invaluable. Be sure you know how. It's the most popular field in voice work today! Training films, TV shows, everything uses narrators and you've got to be able to do this. Tips: Read scripts into IPHONE or some device you can play back. And vary your times. Faster, slower, and…


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Searching for Voice Talents for French accent for the Malagasy community or other francophone speaking African countries


My name is Tim I am with Markethold Productions. We are an audio/video production company in the US.

We are looking for voice actors/actresses who can perform

French accent for the Malagasy community or other francophone speaking African countries.

Please send me your complete contact information, a rate card, and specifications of your studio set up and microphone. Can you provide a monitored session using ISDN,Skype or Source Connect? We will also need a short…


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The Boy at the Window

Early on in my radio career, weekday afternoons at 3, I would enter the control room in the original KTSA building located at 4050 Eisenhauer Road in San Antonio, Texas, to do what I have always loved: radio.
Around 3:40 pm a vision would appear at the studio window that I have never forgotten. As I turned to look out, there, amid a field of Texas…

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How to analyze Voiceover copy

Hey VuVo's,

It's been awhile since we've spoken, but there's never a wrong time to discuss voiceover, right? I saw this pretty interesting article on Backstage that teaches you how to analyze…


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Breathing Exercises - Go Long and Score Big

Are you thinking about your breath enough to stand out in the VO industry?…


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Your Mic Technique Stinks: And What You Can Do About It

Does your mic technique start when you step up to the microphone?

Maybe you should take a step back and rethink your approach.

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Are you keeping up on your skills when you're not in session?

There Are Really Very Few Gifted People In The World

Tips and tricks are all over the internet. But practice is how you really make…


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Don't Let This Happen in Your Sessions

Sometimes we get caught up too soon on inflection.

We can waste a lot of time early on if we're not careful.

Here is how you can make your job  much easier.

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BIG News! I'm so excited to announce the release of our new Master Voice Over Class DVD taught by myself and the legendary Michael Bell. You know the Transformers, Rugrats, Smurfs, GI Joe Michael Bell? Yeah, that guy!  For only $79.95 you get an honest, no BS approach combined with a real Hollywood VO class experience , and you don't even have to leave your house. Learn the tools, techniques and secrets to booking that job from true industry pros! For more info and reviews check us out…


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Step Up Your Voice Over Performance with Your "Non-Verbal Toolkit"

Ever since we learned to read and write we've believed that all of speech can somehow be condensed down to words on a piece of paper. But of course that's not really true. Much of speech communication is what I call "Non-Verbal". It's the famous "it's not what you say, it's how you say it."

I'm sure you've sent an email to someone and had them take it the wrong way. Maybe you say something in a joking way and somehow it hurts their feelings. This is because we can't include the verbal…


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The Best Voiceover Mics 2015


after intensive research here comes our new article with over 60 microphones for Voice Over.

We will present an extract of the full article here. To see the full article click below on the link, than click on the english language flag in the upper right corner of the Mixwerk website and than menu "Blog":…


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Is your site 'Web Responsive'?

Is your site 'Web Responsive'?

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Spanish the second language in USA - Espanol, la segunda lengua en USA

¿Es necesario divulgar el Español correcto? o debe dejarse que los medios de comunicación sigan usando modismos nacionales y "Spanglish"?

Muy pronto el número de personas que maneja el idioma Español en USA llegará a 60 millones.


Ahora ya los locutores en Español comienzan a ser tomados en cuenta por los colegas de Estados Unidos. Este año la Convención de Locutores en Atlanta (Marzo 11-15 de 2015) tiene un día dedicado…


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Lucasfilm Disney's "Strange Magic" in theaters Jan 23, 2015

Got a role in this really cool animated project from the mind of George Lucas.  I play the character "PARE" who is a singing elf and helps to save the day!  Check out the trailer here..


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Hiding Behind The Mask

My favorite time of year is upon us yet again.  For those of you new to my world, I love Halloween the most because I find most people more ‘themselves’.  If you go out for the evening, or on the streets with the kids, pay attention to how much more approachable people are.   I truly find people come out of their shell because they are behind a mask for protection.  Just like when people have a little drinky poo to allow them to feel more comfortable at a venue or to get up and…


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Where does your voice style fit?

You will need the following ingredients:

- Voice talent with their own unique style.

- The right agent to suit your abilities.

- Home studio or in person studio.

- Genres you suit.

- Demo to sample your expertise in that particular…


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The Mastery of Your VO Career…

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Meet Me @ The Chimney-Sweep Bar, Guvnuh! (Cockney In Me Mini-Cooper)

It's all I can do to stay in me 'orseless carriage out 'ere inna parkin' lot, luv,  and NOT walk in there like the saucy scullery maid I AM, demandin' me rightful spirits of alcoholic, (hiccup!) guvnuh!…


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Help! I need some direction!

The time has come to take my voice-over career to the next level.

I've been existing for years with a day job, using my VO career as a supplement.  

The two major clients I've had, literally fell into my lap.  I didn't seek them; they heard a clip on my blog and contacted me.

I still get a regular paycheck from one of those clients, for which I record phone surveys.

Now, I no longer have a day job, but I have a lot of talent that I want to put to use! 



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