RenaMarie Villano

45, Female

Los Angeles, CA

United States

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Voice Actor
RenaMarie's love of radio and voiceover began as a child living in Southern California. She would wait every night for her parents to go to sleep, and then quietly sneak out to the living room. In darkness, she would turn on the stereo, slowly rotate the giant silver volume knob until it was just loud enough to hear, and then sit there, on the floor, crouched with her ear to the speaker, listening to "The Mighty 690" until sleepiness lured her back to bed.
Those cherished moments parlayed into a career in 1990 when she began interning at 100.7 WVAY in West Dover, Vermont. She was 16. A few months later, at 17, after receiving her broadcaster's license from the FCC, she started doing overnights. While other high schoolers were partying, RenaMarie was live, on the air, playing Smooth Jazz and talking to late night New Englanders. Her love of production and the Rocky Mountains landed her out west at "The Moose" 95.5 KMMS in Bozeman, Montana and then, a few years later, at "The Mountain" 96.9 KMTN in Jackson, Wyoming, where she spent hours a day hosting live radio shows and splicing tape on reel-to-reel, producing commercials and entertainment pieces focused on the communities and music she loved. She dabbled in television, doing on-camera hosting when big name acts came to town, interviewing bands like Fishbone, Ben Harper and Widespread Panic. In 1997, she was asked to narrate a ski documentary for Outdoor Life Network and her love of long-form narration began. It was then that she decided she’d build her own studio so she could pursue voiceover. In 2001, she took a job in Boise, Idaho, on "The River" 94.9 KRVB. On 9/11, one week after she arrived, the Twin Towers fell. Her role quickly expanded to include hourly news updates and production work for all 6 stations in the company's cluster. After two years, she began working for "The X" 100.3 KQXR as an on-air talent and part of their "Byl & Doug" morning show, producing an hourly entertainment piece called "The Morning Buzz". All the while, she was doing VO on the side, slowly growing her home studio and expanding her reach. In 2005, she decided it was time to switch gears and focus solely on voiceover. Since those days, she’s brought her signature sound to promos for DIY Network, HGTV, MGM HD, NBC and The CW, along with commercials for Chevron, Wal-Mart, Dinty Moore, Bowflex, GNC, California Academy of Sciences, American Cancer Society and more. She’s voiced kids' games for PBS, narrated documentaries for TLC and Discovery Fit & Health, voiced presentations for eBay LIVE! and industrials for Fortune 100 companies like Intel, HP, Chase, Apple, Citi, Microsoft, Oracle and countless more. She’s kept her connection to radio by voicing imaging and helping to brand stations in several formats. For sports fans, she's the signature voice of Christopher Russo’s "Mad Dog Radio" on SiriusXM 86. In terrestrial radio, you hear her coast to coast, voicing Alternatives 102-1 THE EDGE in Dallas-Ft. Worth and 99X in Atlanta, Legendary Rockers WAAF in Boston and WMMS in Cleveland, Hot AC STAR 94-1 in San Diego, AAA Alice 102 in Kansas City and Rockin’ Talker 96 K-Rock in Ft. Myers, among others. Online, you hear her on the coolest radio service around: Slacker Radio. The other genre she likes to play in is podcasting. In 2005, when podcasting was new, she was co-host of the first-ever independent music podcast called "The Bandtrax Podcast," introducing unsigned musicians to listeners thru Adam Curry’s Podsafe Music Network. Now, she lends her voice and production skills to Bryan Callen's “The Bryan Callen Show,” Jason Lawhead's "Lawhead's Court," "Tee 2 Grin" with Jimmy Shubert, Dennis Regan and Jackie Flynn, Dov Davidoff and Mara Marek's “Emotional Junkyard", "Foodiegasm" with Mike Faverman and Lauren Armstrong and more. She's studied with Marice Tobias, Elaine Craig, Kalmenson and Kalmenson, Dave Walsh, Jody Gottlieb and Jeff Howell, and even tried Improv, graduating from UCB's Improv 101.
English, some Spanish, some Italian.
Her sound is unique and timeless. She has a cool sophistication that cuts through. She’s hip and conversational; grounded, seductive and sexy; playful and sassy, with a clearly defined edge. She’s passionate, intuitive, quick-witted and unafraid to venture into new territory to find the style or character you’re looking for. And, she's precise. No sloppy voiceover here. She can slice 2 seconds off your read with perfect diction while balancing a plate on her head.
DIALECTS, Character voices and vocal impressions
North American.
Senior Female, Middle Age Female, Young Adult Female, Teenage Girl, Child Female, Baby
Union Affiliation
Aftra, SAG
WhisperRoom, Sennheiser MKH416, Rode NT1000, Mackie 1642 VLZ3, MBox 3 Pro, Focusrite Platinum Trakmaster Pro, Event TR5 monitors, Bose Companion 2 speakers, Mogami cables, Telos Zephyr Xstream, Telos One.

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