Hi Everyone!

If you are looking for a roommate for the event, please leave your name and contact information.
There will be more traffic, in the upcoming days, as we get closer to this incredible event!
Thanks again, for being a part of "Voices Of Vision"


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I am going to the "Voices of Vision" conference in Toronto and I need a roommate. I can get a room in the hotel where VOV is being held for less than the group rate ($150, rather than $180, for double occupancy). Anyone willing to commit? Gender is not an issue.
Hi Dawn. :) I'm pretty positive it's $99 - even for double occupancy - so you'll only be paying half of that if you get a roommate. (Shawn, feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.) Looking forward to seeing you there!
No worries!
There was a little confusion because of extra days. I believe the regular room rate at that time, is what Dawn was quoted. :)
Dawn was very happy about the good news!
I guess there were issues with the conference code last week but I booked today and was quoted $99, double occupancy, for the 23, 24 and 25. If you get there early or stay extra days, you can't get the conference rate for those days. Anyway, I have now booked a room and am lookin' for a roomie!
If you ask nicely, you can, Dawn. :) I got Sunday the 26th for the same rate. It took them a bit - they had to send me an initial email with the regular price on the Sunday, but they sent me a second one with the $99 price. Most of the hotels will actually allow you to book for the same rate a little before and a little after. They're able to adjust things manually. So if you do want to stay longer, feel free to ask them! :)
I will do that Jodi. Once they've done it for one, they kind of have to do it for all in the name of customer service. Thanks for leading the charge!
Hi Dawn! Are you still looking for a roommate? I know someone who is looking?
Hi Tanya, not too sure if you have heard from Dawn. She found a roommate awhile ago. I will be sure to let you know if I hear of anyone else, that's looking for a roommate.
HI Tanya. Shawn is correct. I have found a roommate and don't know of anyone who is looking. Sorry to take so long to reply.


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