I am producing a VOcumentary series to raise awareness about domestic violence. I am a survivor. The series will be released in July 2008. This one is straight from the heart. What's in yours?

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well jai if you need additional voices or a male voice holla at me i will be glad to help you out.
That would be amazing! I will certainly keep you posted.
For me, I enjoy pro bono work. I make time for it, even when my schedule is stretched. I'm a regular contributor of Readers' Digest articles for airsla.org. This one is special to me. My father-in-law, who is a WWII vet is legally blind. In essense, I am reading for him, and all others visualy impaired. The most recent article I read was about Beijing's "Coming Out Party" during the olympics, in the August issue. I like doing this, as I like to learn new things, too!


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