Hi, Fans! Can't wait to go to the greatest event in my lifetime outside of my Bar Mitzvah! ( Well, yes, my darling, the wedding is right up there with the great ones, too.) Inasmuch as I'm bringing my wife out to LA with me, we decided to take the Amtrak from New York. Then we'll rent a car for some of our return trip. While I m sweating it out under the lights of the Hyatt, Arleen will be shopping with some friends in Beverly Hills and traveling around the LA area. And, guess what? Who do you think's going to get the bills? Good guess. His name starts with "J' and ends up with the tab. But, these opportunities come up only rarely in a lifetime, and they are a great way to embed a permanent smile on your face. This will be my third trek to the VOICE conferences, and they get better each time. I can't tell you how much motivation and confidence and purpose has taken over my life since I started my long term relationship with the finest people in the world! Well, yes I can. It's absolutely amazing how so many folks with a common thread running through us, a true community, can get together to share our good feelings and learned thoughts without an iota of being judged or chastised. Reminds me of Father Flanagan's Boys Town slogan, "He ain't heavy, Father, he's my brother." I think that's what we are going to VOICE for -- to make us all participants, on many levels, in a mutual admiration and help society. So, KUDOS to Jim and Penny for germinating one of the greatest ideas of the century.

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Can't wait to see you and meet the Mrs.! Have a safe and fun trip on the rails and see you in 10 days.
Rich: I'm really looking forward to seeing you and the rest of our crew. I'm geting all psyched!
Hey Jay. It will be great to see you and meet your wife. See you in 10.
Dan: Don't you ever sleep? I'm going to be in Ashland about a week after the event. If you're having an OTR show, perhaps we can get to see it. See you in 10!
It's "what we are going to VOICE for -- to make us all participants, on many levels, in a mutual admiration and help society". On many levels...as a newbie to the profession, I like that and I can relate. Can't wait to meet people and become part of this community.
Thanks, Darla. Hope to meet you at the Big Event!
This is great
I will live this experience myself
and cant wait to meet you all

KUDOS Jay, Rich, Daniel & Darla

nos vemos pronto on Voice 2010
You have no idea how yu will experience VOICE 2010. Hope to meet you there, perla.

Thanks for putting into words my feelings exactly!

Traveling from New York on Amtrak is the only way to do it. Just like our VO experiences, you'll be enjoying the journey every bit as any particular destination along the way!!!
Safe travels!
Hey, Bill! I thank you for your good wishes. I've never traveled on a cross-continent train before, and I'm really looking forward to it. I'm sure there's so much to see and photograph. And, of course, so much to make into memories. I've been to California, especially L.A. at least a dozen times, but I've always flown. Trouble is, I've only seen America from 30,000 feet! Now I can relax and see it from the ground. It's sure going to beat "National Geographic!" We will be renting a car after the conference, and we will go up to San Francisco, Ashland,Oregon, and then back to Sacramento, where we will catch another train back to Chicago, and transfer to yet another train to Cincinnati. We will again rent a car to go to Louisville, and then meander home to Long Island. On the way back, we will stop in Langhorne, Pennsylvania to finally meet my supervisor from my part-time newpaper job that I have been working at for the last 16 years from my home! I've only spoken to her on the phone, and I don't even know what she looks like! In fact until recently, I ve never seen or met anyone from my company in the flesh! It will be a most exciting time, especially because I have been able to establish not only a working relationship with these people, but because we have created a very special friendship via the telephone! A few years ago, I happened to be in Syracuse, NY,on business for my regular job, and during lunch, I dropped in on the regional office of the newspaper to finally meet my editor, after working with them and talking, eMailing, and faxing them for about ten years! Sounds strange, but I was greeted with a warmth that only familiarity could engender. It is truly a most uplifting experience to interact on all levels with people I've heretofore only known in two dimensions. Finally, the third dimension can be added to make the friendships whole. Our entire trip will take about three weeks or so. We will be visiting with friends and family in those places, including some people I haven't seen in almost fifty years, people Arleen and I went to High School with. You see, our friendships are of paramount importance to us, and we will be fulfilling some of our dreams by following these valuable relationships. It's interesting how friendships can evolve into family; that's how I feel about the people at VOICE -- they are my (extended) family, and we are all mutual adoptees! Bill, I hope to meet you in a few days in L.A. so we can talk V/O, and put together that third dimension without having to go into the "Twilight Zone".

Twilight Zone has been avoided! It was a real pleasure to meet and work with you as a volunteer! I hope your travels home are safe and I look forward to many 3D meetings in the future. What an amazing experience! I'll look you up when I'm in NYC next year and for sure I'll see you at the next VOICE!

Hey Jay - Don't forget to audition while on the train. I am sure you can find a quiet spot "chuckle chuckle'


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