Hey all, I am really looking to share a room this year.  I have the room on already reserved but would like to share the expense with one or two others.  Just think of it as a VOICE extended sleepover and the fun it would be in sharing what we know!


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Hi, Heather,

Are you already booked up with roommates? If not, I would like to join you. Please let me know right away before the deadline for conference prices. I'm not sure how you would like to do this, but I can pay with a check, or we can each charge our portion of the cost. Just let me know.

I'm on Facebook and Twitter, if you want to check me out.

Caroline Corser
Hi Heather! How much is your room? Do you still need roommates?

Elizabeth & Caroline. I have room for one more. We now have three registeresd volunteers myself and two others. We can have up to four to the room. We do have the ability via the hotel at sign in for them to register and have the bill charged equally to our separate accounts. Please contact me at quillsongs@yahoo.com

Hi Heather!

Just to clarify - is this discussion re: Voice 2012 or Voice 2010? I got all excited about possibly joining your slumber party & then looked at the dates. Haha! Strangely it was on the front page of the 2012 group!


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