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As a voice actor in animation, I've been told by many different sources to always have a voice recorder with me, and I can't say I disagree.

Does anyone have recommendations on a digital voice recorder for less than 100 bucks, preferably under 50 that will work with a Mac? Any I should stay away from?

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Thanks for your advice, Tim! I'll look into it--certainly is cheaper!

Check your phone. My crackberry has one. I think most do now, for taking notes and things. Just a thought.
You're right, Mitch; my phone has got one. Just not sure about the quality... Sure don't cost a thing, though, do it? Thanks!

Hi Morgan,

I have a Mac and I had a tough time finding a Portable Digital Voice Recorder that was compatible for my computer. When shopping around for a recorder, you only get what you pay for, keep that in mind. I settled on a Sony MP3 IC Recorder (ICD-UX71) that easily downloads mp3 recordings to your Mac computer. It is one of the best investments I have made while training with my VO coach for animation. I use it to record my training sessions, any unique voices from the television, radio, you tube that want to layer or work with etc... What I also do is use a cheap set of headphones with a mic is record some of the character voices I have been working on developing. I use it all of the time and it is money well spent. The recorder is over $100 though Morgan, because of the mp3 capacity, but you can get something cheaper if you don't want this feature. Hope this helps.


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