Can anyone help me out here? I have been asked to to the Spanish read for 3 comic books. I will be doing all the male voices in Spanish (4 to 5 characters per comic book) and the total number of words for all three books combined is about 5,000 words.

This will part of a CD...Can someone tell me an idea of what you would charge for a project like this? What would you charge for each comic book read. BTW this is Marvel/ Disney...


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You do not want to undersell yourself on this. The standard for non-union, character work for this level is $250 - $400 per session, minimum 2 hour session. Trust me Disney will see this as a bargain, I work with Marvel and Disney all the time and as a Producer I handle the budget as well as being the contact for all aspects of the project. If they get you for $250 they will be extatic. The only thing I would think may make their budget less would be the fact that it is a localization and companies never put much budget behind markets outside of the US because generally their volume is WAY lower.

Most Marvel or Disney work is done by the originating talent so they are actually paying 10 to 15 times that for a session.

Hey Luis,


I actually just wrote an article on this topic- "Audiobook Voice-Over-How Much Should You Quote?"


Check it out, and good luck!


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