Hi All, I am helping a friend put together his first VO demo and am looking for a place online to find scripts/spot copy for different commercials....National and general. Thanks,


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Do a Google for the Edge studio. They have an online copy database that you can access for a small fee. It's often not too hard to adapt press or magazine ads too. Or you could write your own....
Great. Thanks Colin!
If you find a couple commercials on TV or radio that seem to be a match for your friend, then tivo or record them. Then, just transcribe them on your computer and print them out.

There are a few good books out there with copy and usable scripts too but the reads become stale if overused. Also don't be affraid to customize a few pieces. When creating a demo it's not always about bragging about a product you represented but the delivery and ability to grab attention, be real, conversatonal and believeable. If you want a few script to use send me an email I'll give you some good copy you can play with.


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