Hey there everyone! I've just recently become a member of VU and am amazed at the company I'm in, as well as the abundance of resources here (can't believe I just now discovered this site). I'm pretty new to the VO world and am preparing to begin my marketing blitz here in Nashville. But, before I set out I would love to hear somefeedback on my demos if anyone is so incllined.
Thanks a bunch!
tim george

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Welcome to VU!

The one suggestion that jumps out at me...and it may be my OCD kicking in...make sure ALL of your demo files, no matter where you post them, ALWAYS include your name as part of the filename! I've noticed a lot of people, when they rip/copy audio files from a CD into their computers, don't change the names of the files to include this important information.

You can also change the properties of your files to include other details, such as your name, website, voice description, file description, etc.

Even your posted demos are a form of marketing...make sure your name goes with them EVERYWHERE!

Have FUN!


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