I'm wondering if anyone has any input on the Harlan Hogan VO 1A mic ? I see it has a money back guarantee if you don't like the way it sounds, but can a $200 mic really be THAT good???

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I bought the mic and made the plunge from a USB condensor mic (Samson G Track) and Audacity to the HH mic and Pro Tools and the M Box. I think the sound is extremely clean- the mic doesn't seem to add anything or take anything away. I have built a sound booth in my home and use the mic there- it sounds very much true to life.
I have one question- I've gotten everything all connected up, love the sound- but... without warning and seemingly without any reason I get horrible horrible static. I turn off the recording function in Pro Tools and wait a bit and it seems to go away. This winds up being not very time efficient. I found my mic cord was crossing the power cord for my laptop and I rerouted the cords and this cut down on the occurrence greatly- but it is still there. Anybody have any ideas?
I think I'vs got it figured out. I was using the 15' mic cord that came with the mic- so I just got a 6" cord- no looping up the cord now, next, always make sure your cell phone is off and lastly I disabled my wifi- all possible causes of static. I did some recording and everything seemed good- fingers crossed!



I am using the AT 2020 USB mic, and am considering the HH mic too.  Did you find that the HH mic was an improvement in how it made your voice sound?

The HH website suggests using one of the Mic Ports as the usb interface.  Please excuse my ignorance, but did you get the M Box because you are now using Pro Tools, or would you use the M Box regardless of the editing software you use?


Bill Hannant


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