It is very hard to write these words. My friend, Don LaFontaine, the
husband of a most beautiful wife, Nita and the father of three
beautiful girls, passed away today at the age of 68. In a quite sudden
reversal of the progress he had been making the last few days, Don
took ill again and passed away at around 1:50PM this afternoon (9/1/08).

Out of respect for Don’s family, more details will be given at a later
time. Nita is a wonderful mother and she is being very strong for her
children at this moment. You would be proud of her. We need to give
her and her family some time to absorb their loss. As for me, thank
you very much. There have been so many spiritual warriors who have
given everything they have for my best friend. I will miss him very

More details to follow…

Paul Pape

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So very sorry to hear the news. A hero to so many of us. :(
Dear Paul,
I am so, so sorry to hear of this loss. My heart is sad tonight.
I am a pastor as well as veteran broadcaster. I will be praying fervently for Don's dear wife and family. May God's grace in Jesus be real and near to them.
Most sincerely,
Steve Sorensen
Columbia, Maryland
Don't know what to say... I'm speechless.

My prayers to his wife and children.
Don is the Man. I am very sad to learn this. I am deeply sorry for his family's loss.

Matthew Hobley
It is a shock, and a great loss for all of us who aspire to be one tenth the man Don was. My thoughts and prayers certainly go out to Nita and the family. In addition, anyone who knew the name Don LaFontaine and held him in as high regard as I did, my prayers are with you as well. I never met Don face to face, but in the correspondence we exchanged and the encouragement he offered to me and I'm sure many, many others, the lives he has touched are incalcuable, and his legacy will live on in all those who yearn to perform in the same pinnacle of greatness as Don did everyday.

Jason M. Ebersole
Wow, I am shocked by the news, saddened by the loss but so grateful for his life and his wonderful contributions to this world as a friend, a father, a husband and an inspiration for so many. My prayers and condolences....
Dear Paul & All Concerned ...

I was beyond saddened to learn of the passing of a great hero ....

A loss of this magnitude cannot be measured in words. Not only has the "voice" of the voice over industry lost an icon, but our country and the world for that matter has lost a great man.

David Marc

TGMD, Los Angeles
I'm shocked and saddened by this news. My heart goes out to Nita and her childrren regarding the loss of their beloved father/ husband. God Bless them. Don will be with us in spirit, always!!

My deepest condolences,
Allison "ALLY" Scussel
I'm so, so sorry to read of Don's passing. I feel so grateful to have met him, if ever so briefly-he was so filled with light and warmth... it was such an honor. - My heart goes out to his family.

Toni Orans
I am very sorry. We will miss Don very much. He was the best of the best voice-over actors in the whole world. My respect for Don's family.

Victor Martorella.
My greatest wishes go out to Nita and Don's Family. An unprecedented talent, human, and inspiration. He was the best of us all.

Michael Baumann
Hi Guys...

I'm at a complete loss for words. Ann and I are in New York at the moment and I got the terrible news via an email earlier today. We are both in shock at the moment. Nita and the girls are in our thoughts first and foremost. I am just having a hard time believing this has all happened. Ann and I were just visiting with Nita and Don about 3 1/2 weeks ago in their living room, laughing and have a very nice evening. It's shocking at how this terrible turn of events has all happened so quickly. Don is a very private man and I never asked for more information about his his health struggles than what I was told. He was a brilliant man and a very caring man. We will miss him so, so much. God bless you, Don.



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