I've been doing anime dubbing for eight years, so I have more than enough experience doing lip sync and walla. Living in Los Angeles, I know of Barbara Harris and a few independent ones, but do loop groups ever advertise? Its not like one can just send a voice demo.

I also voice video games but lately work has totally dried up and am looking to try some different facets of the industry. I realize ADR work never really gets any glory, but I also know its a nice payday for the lucky few who do it on a regular basis (hence its competitive, I realize).


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Hi Kyle,
You have asked exactly the same question as I posed to myself.
My agent Arlene Thornton told me that because agents don't usually get any commission off looping (as actors keep it a bit of a secret side job) then they don't really know who's running it.
Maybe you should write a book on it! I'll be the first in line!
Now that would be a useful book.
I also know LA is a place where no director or producer wants to take much of a risk, its easier to do an "ok" job rather than take a risk where the outcome might be "amazing" or "terrible".
If I find a book on it I'll let you know!

Thanks for the reply. Ya know, Arlene is actually my agent, too! I've just never asked her about it. :)

This is a great question from one of my favorite Anime VO guys.

I wonder how difficult it would be to, dare I say it, start your own Loop Group in LA? Is this something that is frowned upon? Maybe Roy with the Voice Over Work Out Lounge (VOWOL) would be someone to talk to about this. Its just a thought.

Living here in Sacramento there really is not much demand or need for ADR, but I'm planning to work with a local VO talent and actor, Cody Dorkin who does ADR work in LA but lives here in Sacramento, to set-up an ADR loop group just for the experience. I'm not real sure as to what it all entails, but I thought it would be cool to give it a shot and hopefully it would lead to work in this area. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

Take care,

Anyone know of how to find this or a Walla group in NYC....I've only been asked for vocal matches via the internet.
I realize this a bit off topic but, could some one ask Arlene if she ever was an agent in Houston, TX. I think she worked at my very first agency there called Continental Images. I wonder if she remembers me that was 1987


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