If you're here...

you're either

a producer looking for possibilities
a musician checking it out to who else is doing what else...
a voice looking for a bed that's "just right" for your next project

ALL ARE WELCOME along with anyone else that loves music

I hope we'll build an exciting showcase of talent in this category...

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Hello Music Lovers!

All three of these songs were written, produced, and engineered by my husband, Evens Colas. Evens also performed most of the parts. I think he is a genius, but I could be biased.

If you are interested in any of these songs, please contact us at Paradise Sound Arts 321-243-4667 and we can give you details and licensing rates.

I'll post three now and as time goes on, I'll post more deliciousness.


Sue & EV
Hello Everyone,

I hope you enjoyed the three songs I posted yesterday. Here's three fun ones EV recorded . . . they were fun to do. (Of course, he didn't write 'Oh Happy Day' but he makes such a great preacher I had to include it!)

Sue & EV
They all sound great!

it's good to see some postings including music!

You'll have to make sure and tell us what sort of use they're currently getting and what charges typically apply for radio / television and jingles...

JIngles are a little "iffy" when it comes to charges

Do you have a "card" rate standard music buyouts ??

Mine varies from $1000 - 4500... more under certain circumstance...

I'm leasing two "shorties" this weekend for a limted run and charging $500 - non exclusive

Recently a jingle bed with no lyric at all went for $1000...

does that sound about right for your company?
Hi Roy!

Your rates sound pretty much like what we charge. We seldom get requests for jingles.

Here are some more songs and music beds EV has been working on. . .
Hi Sue...

I'm in the middle of a huge project that will last another three weeks or so...
lack of response is unintentional but darn... I like making money..

Hope All is Well for You and Yours...
Not a problem. It's always good to be busy in this business!!
Hey Music Lovers . . .

It was making me a bit uneasy having our hard work here where it could be downloaded freely. Although all our projects are copyrighted, you have to catch a thief first.So, I removed the music for safety sake. Go to my profile here at VU to listen to the latest additions to our library.

Keep Paradise Sound Arts in mind for all your music needs. Special Orders are always welcome. We have a roster of professional musicians who have been doing this for years. Past clients include national accounte like Nike and Chevrolet as well as local and regional projects.

We look forward to providing top-notch music for you and/or your producers.

Sue & Evens Colas
Paradise Sound Arts


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