Hey guys,
i haven't posted in forever!
but i am going to try and update it, it has been hard with exams and such.

Okayy so Britney came up with the idea of a group project,
I was thinking that those of you who are interested should join us
and do a radio drama, my mom will help us market it. Any ideas??
I am also going to start the same group on FACEBOOK. easier for me to manage.
hopefully you all add mee, Brandi Munro
Can't wait to start talking with you all more.

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Hey B,

We could take some of the old time radio dramas and update them. Make them contemporary and voiced by today's voice talent.

Here's some scripts we could work from and re-write:

Ideally, we would all be together to record, but it's likely not practical. So we could do a conference call phone patch to record our own individual charater's lines simultaneously at each person's studio, then forward the files to one of us to edit them all together with some music and SFX. We'd just have to be sure our levels and studio quality were similar.

Let me know what's next.

We should redo War of the Worlds and see what kind of reaction we can get in this day and age...Maybe mass hysteria is not the right way to go about things... Hows about a comedy then...

Okay, for the recording i know my mom can record via phone patch on her line and that way all of the recordings would be the same i belive.

we need to make sure we have enough people as well start posting this everywhere guyss. ! this is awesome cant wait.
Hey Brandi,

Sounds like fun!

I'm looking into acquiring the phone patch now. I see that your last posting on VU regarding this project was in October. When do you foresee putting this all together? I wouldn't image until well after the holidays.

We have Travis (12), Jessica (17), and myself to work with on this end if you haven't started yet.

Will you be attending VOICE 2010 in June? If that's not too far off, maybe everyone can meet during the conference to discuss it, or discuss it via on-line, and meet before or after the conference to record? There's plenty of studios in L.A. (M.J. Lallo's, Marc Graue, etc. Your mom knows them all. They should have the facilities to patch in those who cannot show in person.) Doing it around VOICE would offer you a better chance of having several voice artists in the studio at once. Just a thought.

Disregard this note if you've already started.

Connie Mustang
Hey Brandi,
I hope all is going well with exams and stuff. My daughter, Jessica, just got her feet wet with her first v.o. gig. She's 17. I'm trying to get her to join VU and I'll tell her about your Facebook page. I am going to try to friend you on Facebook or you can try to find my Facebook page under Connie Mustang V.O.

I miss seeing you guys. Say hello to your mom for me.

Connie Mustang


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