Hello again,

What are folks using as a mic to record with their iPads?  I have heard about the Snowball and the Apogee mics.  Does anyone have any experience with these mics?  Others?

Thanks so much.

This is a super VU group.


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Hi Judy,

I picked up the Apgoee MiC, and it's fantastic. It has the added benefit of fitting perfectly in my various shoulder and messenger bags I tend to carry with me on trips into Manhattan. I've carried it with me on many occasions to a few studios I frequent, and the engineers have let me borrow the booth after our session records so I can grab a quick pickup for another client if I can't immediately make it back to my studio.

It sounds really great, and used with the iPhone or iPad version of Twisted wave, it seems to work seamlessly. Also, Twisted Waves embedded ability to send files directly from the application to an FTP server or direct email, is really awesome.

I couldn't recommend the Apogee MiC any more highly if I tried.

Mike Bratton

I have the Alesis ioDock and dig it, but I have my eyes on the Apogee MiC. At this point in time, that seems to be the best choice for iPad mics.

Anthony and Mike,

Thanks so much for helping me out.  It looks like I have a good idea as to where my next VO equipment purchase will land (seems like a never ending pursuit).  But...it's all good.

Thanks so much,


Wondering if the Centrance MicPortPro works on the iPad. Anyone have that setup?

Yep. It's a bit convoluted to get it working, but it does work. I have used this setup in a pinch when traveling. Beau spells it out pretty well here: 




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