Hello again,

Thoughts and prayers to everyone on the east coast.  Hope things are getting a little better each day.

Does anyone know of an audio dictionary for Latin?  Merriam Webster has a great one for English.  I've done a search, but so far have come up empty handed.  Any ideas?

Thanks once again,


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no ideas, Judy.  Sorry.  But there should be one.  You might check with universities to see if any of their Classics teachers know of one.  Some people still study Latin in college.....

Hello again Roxanne,

You've been a great help to me these last could of weeks.  Thanks so much.

Actually, I just thought of that and called our local community college, luckily caught the Latin instructor and she was able to give me the pronunciation over the phone.  I'm so grateful.  

Now off to the studio.

Thanks again,


Judy - 

Thanks for the kind words and thoughts for the folks up here - our neighborhood in NYC escaped virtually untouched with no flooding, no damage, and relatively speaking, barely any rain - just lots of damp leaves and twigs on the ground...not even a treelimb down - but it's a huge mess in other parts of town and elsewhere, as you've seen.

Always nice to see my pal Roxanne chime in, and that you were able to get a warm body to help with the Latin issue....if you have another in the future, ego innutum vos tendo hoc (be sure to click the little speaker icons for extra added fun):



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