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Has anyone worked with something called a digipatch?  Is it like a fancy phone patch?  Do I need something special in my studio in order to make this work or is it just done over my phone with the digipatch in the studio to which I'm calling? 

I have never heard of this before.  It was part of the audition notes (from an agent) that said the recording session (in Minneapolis) would be via (?) digipatch.  

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Hi Judy. I believe I mislaid your original query, so I am glad to have spotted this.   Just a quick reply:  our local BBC radio reporter used a little box to push good sound along an ordinary fax line to the station.   Pretty simple - the guy just plugged it into the wall, dialled the station and picked up his mike.  

Years later I enquired and they told me its name - which of course now escapes me, but I'm sure a radio station will be able to tell you, or you could ask at the LinkedIn  Broadcast Professionals or Voice over IP  groups.  Very helpful people there.


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