Hello fellow Audible Thespians.

 I am hoping someone has a strong opinion on the subect I shall pose: Should I buy the Adobe Creative Suite vs. seperate apps for Wesite Design and Audio Production? I am somewhat handicapped in that I am working on a PC, not a Macintosh computer. I know that many apps are only available for one or the other but not both.

I am not (at this early stage in my new career) planning to utilize any audio editing features beyond those necessary to submit the highest quality audition mpg's that my USB AudioTech AT2020 is capable of providing so, for example, ProTools (at least the full version of it) is more than I need and can afford.

I also want to build a good and solid website which, of course, would play my audio demos. Incidentally, if it makes a difference, I don't want the viewers to have to use their own players since that means either downloading time or security decisions on whether to allow it to play. Rather, I like the players many have placed right on the webpage. You just click on it and it plays.

In my research up to now I've learned that ProTools and SoundForge both have smaller versions of their products which are much less expensive. Sort of like Photoshop has the LE edition for those that wouldn't require - and don't want to be confused by or pay for the higher end features that the full version touts. In fact, I understand that Adobe has a Creative Suite product which has a number of apps and may fit my needs.

Then there are the smaller and less robust apps I'm learning about such as the Twisted Wave mentioned by our host, Beau Weaver in the first post here in this forum.

What with classes, demo's, equipment and all the other necessities required to be a pro voice, I can't afford to go straight to the best solutions straight off the bat. But that doesn't mean that I want to produce work (auditions only is my understanding) that isn't up to the standard. I will upgrade my equipment and software when one or two of the following occur: I start earning the money to pay for it; I start looking at gigs (ooh, the neophyte uses the slang fo the first time and feels foolish) that require a home-studio; I feel that I know abou 8 times as much about audio as I do now; or when I want to impress chicks with my equipment.

Phew, I AM longwinded!

I welcome any thoughts that the august members of this forum might deign to cast upon this issue for I feel that a misstep at this point may cripple me financially and/or send me off to master the wrong app.


Robert Halverson

Corona, CA

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Hi Robert,

Audacity for audio (FREE): http://audacity.sourceforge.net/

CoffeeCup's Visual Site Designer for website ($49): http://www.coffeecup.com/designer/

Good luck!
Jeremy Ryan (a.k.a. "Mr_Cre8ive" )

Free is definitely a very good price! Thanks for the suggestion, Jeremy.

Hi Robert,

I can't speak for the video, but Adobe Audition should be all you would need for V.O.  If part of that is in the Creative Suite, you should be in pretty good shape.  The goal should be to capture the performance clearly and cleanly, without a lot of noise.


Thanks for the info.


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