Here's a view of Voiceover Universe founder, Zurek's ProTools mixerboard plugins as of November 23, 2011.

Feel free to share your ProTools screen shots, here are mine. Also .ptf template attached


No secrets.... IT'S ALL IN THE READ!

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Ahh very nice. Let me see if I understand this correctly, You have different setups for different types of recording you might need. A dry for auditions? Promo for an actual recording that would be for an actual recording of a spot? and so forth? This is great to see, I have a couple of different projects and I never thought to simply do it this way.



That's it, Jeff!

So the whole screen shot is one template set up?  What 'parts' or who supplies the Master, Dry Rogr, Imaging, 4 Dry, Prom and what is SC?  

Hi Winnie, I going to guess that "SC" stands for Source-Connect

:) Gene

That's it, Gene.

The Source Connect plug-in.


Be interested to know the settings of your C1, L2 and 37 band EQ and what type of EQ it is



Any chance of getting your setup as a session Template?  Possibly the I/O settings as well?


I have the plugins you have and would really interested in seeing the difference.  I'm using an MBOX 2 for input output...not sure if that makes a difference with your settings.









Thanks for sharing! I actually use A.A. 3.0 for most of my dry voice projects. But I have used Pro-Tools for many years to produce imaging, commercials, etc. 

Never thought of the type of set up you have here for vos - I love it.  I wonder any other P.T. users would be willing to share plug in settings.  I wouldn't mind sharing mine & always looking for new settings to try. Waves is my plug in bundle of choice for most applications. I see you have Dverb in line on channel 4, yet you call it DRY gt. ?

Thanks again, Zurek, for starting this group.

The LE Umixer and the one above it...are those waves plugs?

The L2 is waves, and the other is Filterbank.


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