Check out these Adobe Audition settings...


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Check out what settings?  It's blank.

I agree with Frank; there is no Adobe Audition settings. I was really hoping that Zurek would post HIS "Thunda" Adobe Audition settings that he started to explain on Youtube a few years ago. There was a $200 charge back then. I was really overjoyed when I saw that he was going to post here for free. Now I'm bummed.

I will post it in a few days! Stay tuned!

Hmmm, not seeing what the point is here...??

Received an email link re AAudition settings... have no idea (nor much interest tbh) on what "cash & cars" may even be below! But whatever, it does not help me at all...


I'm super keen to know if you've got anything effective on de-breathing/essing in audition - word on the street is that the plugins don't work too well, if at all...


lots of love...



In reference to the plugin settings below..."Cash and cars" was the name of the promo I was working on so it has nothing to do with the settings. Sorry for causing any confusion.



There is no settings. Is purpose we to offer our settings? I expected to learn something...

Hola VO friends,

Take a look at the ProTools link, if you haven't already, and you'll see that Zurek has posted his settings there. I took those settings and adapted them to the plugins I use in Adobe Audition. They are Waves based. Hope this helps.



Ok folks if you don't understand what you're seeing, let me try and assist you. Our friend Zurek has kindly divulged what has taken some of us quite a bit of time to figure out.

Seems to me what you're looking at is the plug in chain for a voice track in audition 1st to last. The gate comes 1st. 2nd is the EQ (Judging from the low end rolloff) 3rd is the compressor settings and last is a L2 (Limiter) to bring the volume back up. Although these settings may not work for everyone, this is the best starting point you're going to get (as mine used to be almost exactly like it untill I switched to a McDSP EQ & Limiter). Use these in this order and tweak accordingly and U should be doin big things in no time !!

Right on, Big Swole! I am only 9 months in on Protools, and still haven't played with all on the settings, but will definitely check out MsDSP & Limited in experimental template.

Wold be usefull to know your hardware. I have dbx 286A, use just a touch of compression, so in my Adobe Audition  don't aditional need software compression. 

I'd love to see settings for female voice! I'm constantly adjusting.


Umm Swole..? That's actually a chap called Paul who did that, adapted from a post in another section (which still doesn't really explain the emails hyping the info in this section.?)...but anyway, your post goes a big way to clarification. Cheers.


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