I am, of course interested in the opinions of the veteran voice kings that participate here and hope some of you will weigh in. But to everyone else here, I happily offer you a critique swap. You show me yours, I'll show you mine. I figure it's only fair to reciprocate. I am getting ready for a big marketing push and REALLY need my demo to be in its most sell-able form. Hoping for nuanced advice... i.e. demo length, EQ/compression too much?, pacing, energy, format variety, the elements, the scripting... nit-pick it to pieces. I can take it. I've been married for over 20 years... :)

again, in return I will be glad to listen to and offer my opinion on anyone else's demo. Appreciate the help in advance and look forward to getting to know more of you.


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Wow. Very impressive. It did feel a tad long to me. I was really impressed with how well you work in a variety of formats. I might move up the PLJ/country stuff/Sports stuff and maybe move some of the jazz/AC toward the back. Imaging and reads are all top notch, very nice work.
Thank you Brady. That is exactly the nuance I was looking for. Thanks for that input. It will help me in building my new demo. the offer stands... if you want, I will be glad to offer my thoughts on any of your demos...
Ok, Ken. I'll take you up on this. I understand that I have a long way to go, but not sure where I should focus my energy next. VO Coach? Equipment?

I haven' been on here in a while Brady. Hope you will accept my critique after all this time. First, overall I think it is very good. Great production and great editing... very creative. If you are offering production as part of your services, then you are probably good to go. If you plan is to be "VO only", you may want to consider tightening up the demo. There were a few stretches in the demo without your voice, just fancy editing of music. It is my opinion that if you want to be VO only, your demo should focus on your voice and not have more than a second or 2 between voice samples. Hope that helps!
Veteran voice kings?

Um. I think you have your delivery down pat.
thanks Dave. maybe I'll run for voice king in 2010... :)


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