VO Universe is very cool. I have not had the chance to do anything to my page yet but certainly will. Radio Imaging has started to become my niche. I just love it. This year I have some stations under a retainer which beats a page here and there. So, where to next? The ones I have found me. What are the best ways to market in this area?

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Hello Susanna,

Not sure why nobody has posted yet except they don't know either I guess. I wish I knew the answer. All the stations that I have found just want to do barter. If they can't sell their own station how in the world will I? I really think that's an unfair thing to do to an IMAGING Talent. We just want to do the job and get paid. What's the big deal there?

I wish I could answer your question Susanna.
Karen is right. Unfortunately stations are putting imaging and voice in the "how cheap can we get it" pile. Do you produce as well? Maybe some stations would be open to a flat rate for several fully produced pages? Or (I think this was suggested in a different thread) find smaller radio groups, consultants and market to groups of stations. I think that no matter what area of VO we are trying, marketing is 80% of the job, actual reading is much less. Be sure to check out radio sites like Allaccess.com, radioandrecords.com, talkers and others.

Best of luck.
I'll be honest...since the recession has hit many terrestrial and other stations have hit hard times with their revenue streams. Someone said somewhere that VoiceOver was a "Recession Proof" career. Whomever said that I personally would like to slap. The recession hits everyone including the people who pay us. As a result they have to cut expendatures somewhere, usually advertising and promotion is one of the first places. To combat this I've lowered my prices. I usually charge half to a third of what Union Talent charges anyway to be competative. But until this year I was making mediocre money. More and more I've been getting work, mostly from Europe and have by sheer volume had my best year money wise. Emerging Markets interested in English Radio Imaging that I have been getting paying work for has been Germany, India and the Phillipeans. Country music is a rage in Germany and they just love American Voices! India has been gaining an increasing middle class thanks to all the outsourcing we sent them. I've been fortunate to work my way into these niche markets. I've been doing more imaging lately for Internet Stations than anything else and my best repeat customers have been in England.

Terrestrial Radio, especially conglomerate owned I havent had a job from in almost 2 years. Thank god for the Internet!
I'm with you, business has been down 40% for me
I would say the best method for getting more work both on Terrestrial Radio and the Internet would still be cold calling! If your competative pricewise and can provide a quality product your chances will depend on how good a salesperson you are. I've found online the best thing was contacting Internet Stations directly usually through their Chatrooms or via email. Word of mouth is still the best and I get work that way but you have to be proactive and get people out there to at least know your name!

Luckily my nickname is easy to remember!


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