Hi everyone! I'm very new to VU and just found this group! Thankfully Penny made it very easy to find by posting a welcome message on my new VU profile with this groups link.

I thought that this was truly an amazing idea for a group and was a little surprised to see all of the members. Only because the power of positive thinking, I believe, is very under appreciated! It's not really something that gets a lot of attention, but it can truly make a difference in everything that you do!

What an awesome group and I'm happy to be a part of it! 


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Welcome Larry. Yes it's a positive place and building momentum this way is so helpful. wishing you success in all you do. You never know when it comes to you. this week I had a client come back for another project. I am grateful and believing for more and for you.  

Welcome Larry and much success to you!

Welcome to "The Fam," Larry! This is indeed an awesome group of people who are ever-inspiring me onwards and upwards! Wishing you every success! It's an E-ticket if ever there was one!


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