Hi there guys


I’d really appreciate some advice. I have been offered a job, very well paid, complete buy-out to voice a TV commercial to be screened in South Africa. The client (well the agent) is in the US.


Now I replied to the job offer with a big YES, stating that my availability is a bit sketchy this week, but I can certainly help him next week. He said great, he just needs to get confirmation from the client, I should pencil in Tuesday.


NOW, I just received the same job/script, from a different agency in US. Asking me for my fee and if I can record the script as an audition. They said they will watermark it, send to the client and if he like sit, I don’t have to re-record. That aside, my moral dilemma is this:


If I quote LOWER to the second agency, THEY will get the job, not the first.  There aren’t many SA voices out there, on the international market, so I know there is a good chance they may go with me.


I really do want the job, but do I stick with the first agency and fee, or go lower and go to the second? Handing them the job, so to speak? This has happened to me more than once in the past, and I usually go with the first reputable agency that contacts me. But the fee is quite big... I don’t want the end client to walk away from the job or rethink the whole project.


Apologies if the above comes across as crude. I find it always best to just spell things out plainly. Am I being silly, missing the point? Is the answer clear as daylight?


Any advice would be appreciated. I haven’t answered the second agency yet...

Thanks so much!


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