There is still room but time is running out!!!
Debbie Munro’s L.A. Weekend Workshop.
Deb’s extremely extraordinary (and in one case…extraterrestrial) extra special guests will be Bob Bergen (voice of Porky Pig/Tweety/ Marvin the Martian), Bill Holmes (Amazing coach and producer/talent), and George Whittam (Techy to the Stars)
Don’t Wait! – Don’t Miss!
L.A. – June 6th and 7th 2009
Contact Deb Munro:
(780) 718-4394
(604) 459-5559

Two Voice Workshops
Selecting Styles - How to choose the right read
Talking Audio - The wonderful world of long format voice projects
Two Studios
Day one - Compost Studios
Day two - Voice Trax West
A weekend that will make a difference in your voiceover journey, no matter your level. Tons of mic time. All sessions recorded and sent home for your review
Hurry...Hurry...Hurry................Register NOW!.......(Nope not fast enough)....okay...NOW!

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I wish this had actually happened, it would have been fun. Oh well . . .


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