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Replies to This Discussion

You obviously put tons of work into this. My vote would be to continue, but that's your decision. Have you thought about publishing in something else but .pdf? Maybe use Constant Contact or MyEmma to deliver the IP solution to your news in HTML?

Love ya!
Thank you so much for your vote and advice Dave
I'm starting to get enough comments that I know what I need to do with it now....I have considered using constant contact for sure. We are just updating my site now so once that's complete I will have something more user friendly like VO Universe this might change what I do as well.

Thanks for your input Dave
All my best hugs
I completely agree with Dave. TONS of hard work! But very informative and useful. I vote that you keep it.
Thanks so much Rich
Hello Deb..

At first I believed that without question, you should keep the newsletter. But considering that it takes three days of hard work to produce, I now question whether or not it's worth the extra time.

The bottom line is: "do you feel it improves your marketability or gives you an edge that you wouldn't have otherwise?" If you are doing this strictly because you love to share thoughts with fellow voice actors, then by all means, keep the newsletter. But if you think perhaps that those three days can be put to better use, then NO ONE will fault you for trying to maximize your time and use the extra hours for something else.

Sorry to be vague, but obviously the choice is yours. I'll miss the newsletter if you axe it, but if the tangeable results are not there then it's the right thing to do...I support just about whatever decision you make..GOOD LUCK!



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