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Comment by Ruben Sarrion on January 9, 2009 at 10:27am
Hello Jennifer / Dan:

Over here in Spain it is natural to get to talk to everyone, but like most things, it's a question of balance... It is very important to know when to stop and too much familiarity can be negative. I always try to strike up a relationship because if you are good and on top of that, friendly, I think they are going to remember you for next time.
Comment by James Clamp on January 9, 2009 at 10:17am
Hi Jennifer,

Anyone that books you is a client regardless of title. Once the booking is over, (in my opinion) it's best to give your card to the producer or director, ask for one in return, say thank you and goodbye with a smile and leave. Don't hang around and start conversations - clients have things to do, not least to edit what you just recorded. You can then send them a quick thank you email later that day. So long as you're professional in your attitude and good at your work you'll be hired back.

Booking work through agents, however, is only one of many sources to get clients. Online is a vast world of clients waiting to hire you that just haven't met you yet. (see my earlier post). This will open up a new avenue from where you can build a client list that will one day overtake (but not replace) your agent booking.

Comment by Jennifer Jiles on January 9, 2009 at 10:01am
Okay, my clients so far are thru bookings thru my agents. I get to know them to a certain degree, but feel like I'm there to do a job and go to the next one. It always feels weird for me to hang around and make conversation, etc, though I often see the other actors I work with do that. Maybe you are talking about the clients you deal with directly from online bookings? Help, I think that I would get more work if I had more client friends in the biz. Also, do you call producers clients, too?
Comment by Dan (Daniel Eduardo) Hurst on January 8, 2009 at 3:23pm
I learned an interesting lesson today!

My wife has a little heart flutter that we have to deal with on occasion. Yesterday we had to take a little run to the emergency room at the hospital. While we were there, we encountered two different doctors.

The first one was very interested in Marcia. He took the time to ask some questions to know more about her. He listened to her questions. And even though he was very busy, he took some time to connect. The second doctor was, to say the least, very abrupt. She walked in...told Marcia that she was putting her on some sort of medication and that she would probably need it for the rest of her life, and walked out.

Later I thought of how significant that was in the way we all deal with our clients. If we spend the time to get to know our clients, they appreciate us and are willing to build a relationship with us. That engenders trust and confidence and a desire for more interaction. On the other hand, if we treat our clients similar to the second doctor, and just do our job and are aloof and distant, even though we are professional in our work, we are probably going to leave the impression that was left on Marcia and me - we just don't want to have to deal with that person again. While her knowledge was appreciated, nothing else was. I'm sure we can find any number of other doctors with her knowledge AND with better people skills.

So...what I'm trying to say is: Take the time to build relationships with your clients. Who says the only time that you should interact with them is when you are doing a job for them? Taking the time to find out about them and their personal interests does two things for you. It develops a new friendship for you, and it opens the door for when that client needs to decide who to use on a project.

I can honestly say that I consider my repeat customers to be my friends. Even if I never got another job from them, they would still be my friends. I know them. I like them. We have developed a connection that goes beyond business. And the result is that they know they can trust me and be open with me about the work I do for them.

I don't mind it if one of them says "That read sucked.". That tells me that they feel comfortable enough with me to say that. That's a positive! It also says that they know I can do better and that's why they use me.

So, no matter how good you are and how professional you are, if you aren't building relationships with your current clients, you aren't building a solid foundation for your business!

Take the time every week to do one more thing to build your business relationships. It will be well worth your time and effort!
Comment by Dan (Daniel Eduardo) Hurst on January 8, 2009 at 2:59pm

Welcome to the group!!! A pleasure to have someone from Spain on the board and in the group!!

I'm looking forward to hearing how you market yourself internationally!!!

Comment by Ed Autry on January 8, 2009 at 2:27pm

Sorry, no ISDN, but I travel to Independence every day, so it' wouldn't be much of a jaunt to meet you in Kansas City for a voice session.

Comment by Ruben Sarrion on January 8, 2009 at 9:59am
Hello Dan:

Thank you for the invitation to join.

I have already found something helpful and encouraging in my first visit.

I'll keep looking in...
Comment by Kelly Pidgeon on January 6, 2009 at 9:55pm
That's what's great about this universe! We all have a greater ability now to lift each other. My experience has taught me to never shy away from shooting for the top. Always believe, and ALWAYS give back.
Comment by Dan (Daniel Eduardo) Hurst on January 6, 2009 at 9:50pm
Hi Kelly! Welcome to the group!

Wow! What a legacy to have had Don in your corner!!! Thanks for sharing that! That's the heart we should all strive for!!!
Comment by Dan (Daniel Eduardo) Hurst on January 6, 2009 at 9:48pm
Hi Karen!!! Welcome to the group!!!

HA!!! Craigslist!!! That's awesome!!! Good for you!!!

BTW, I'm so impressed at how well you've done over the last year! You've done a GREAT job getting yourself out there and developing a business foundation. You're certainly doing it the right way!

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