About 5 weeks ago, there was some jumping up and down about an Alex Torrenegra of Voice123 intiative called Voice Bunny. On a minimal website that was sourcing email addresses was written 'We'll disrupt and expand the voice over industry big time. Seriously. Stay tuned.'. This alarmed me as I was just about to renew my annual premium subscription with voice123 and I was disturbed by all the negative words that were used. I also felt that the subscriptions paid by talents to voice123 were being used to finance a new Torrenegra company that would not be in the best interests of those who were paying for a service that might be compromised by the very people supplying it.


I wrote to customer services that I would like some clarification on Voice Bunny before I renewed my subscription and received a reply that I should write to Mr Torrenegra directly. I did.....3 times with the last being copied to customer services again..... and was not given the courtesy of a reply. I did not renew my subscription.


Today I am steaming as a computer generated reminder from voice123 came to me offering me the annual premium subscription for 14 months. They still want my cash in cyber space!


I returned to the Voice Bunny website to find it is in a total mess. Now it is offering voices for 10 cents a word, one page does not work at all, and the last page is a jumble of gobbledegook. What professional organisation would allow a website to go live in that condition?


Has anyone got any views on this.....has anybody signed up with Voice Bunny....Should I just crawl away and not get so wound up about such arrogance and unprofessional behaviour in not replying to me???????

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Wow I just checked out the Voicebunny site and put in a script that I was just paid $400 for and it estimated (if I were the producer) that I would pay the voice talent $47.33 plus 20% to voicebunny!! Are you kidding me? Run run run

So... with all the respect... this is not a rabbit but may makes the idea: 

I can't believe! 

But no one can see how it is structured this new business model?

Them take advantage from the big community born behind voice123, the daddy is the same, so them make a big first jump with the trust based on years of good service in voice123 way.

Them use a smart (cunning and sneaky) way to be attractive for Talents and Clients: 
* for free per talents, with jobs that may arive in any moment, if you set the lowest price and stay in front of the computer constantly (can use a smartphone, stand up all night long!).

* For Customers, tons of professional voices at lowest prices and fastest service neve ever seen. You can buy a sentence per 10 dollars or less.

And you will have nothing to do with anyone. Pay and fuck the world. May be good for clients who need fast jobs but is not good for the people who do the work. But for sure for the bunny. 

Their business is based on a percentile (20%) comes from on the entire price of any job. 
More talents means more chance to sell a service to clients. 
Anything is made without interactions. A self service. 
The customers are attracted via mail, any agency, website or anyone in some way present in his database.

The business numbers are made from the tons of very small jobs: 
1. small coins made one BIG coin, don't you know?

The message to the Talent: 
I'm a funny bunny very smart and you can have many money to the and of the month if you do all my small jobs. You can be professional voice “for free” and gain money simply with your voice. Record your demos, tag the voices, be part of the community. Don't loose time, during your Sudoku on line keep open your Dashboard and when you listen the signal be the first to keep the job.

The message to the client: 
You have some way to find your perfect voice: the fastest amazing Talent at the lowest price. 
Get one full recording quickly. Let Mr. VoiceBunny and his entourage pick the best talent.
I try 3 words with a fee $10.80 (9 per service + 1.80 fee). 
Nothing wrong, is business.

To have “tag” and to recognize the voices (mother tongue or other) them use a viral mailing to the talents and ask “be kind, tag this voice!” or “Bravo! You are a Pro, so tell me, is this voice Native Language?” 
Seems a game. You win nothing, them have some jobs for free!

Why I have to do this? Why YOU have to do this for free?
For the community? What community? 
The Hole Bunny Community? This community exploit the high numbers of community members, all blind back them computers. 
With some pre-build message where change only the naem at the top “Dear YOUR NAME, bla bla...” seduce you but do not give you anything in return. 
You are in a cage of rabbit now. 
You have a number, not a person. You don't know clearly what happened up to your head, simply you have to do what the BossRabbit say, and if you don't want, behoind you there is another one who do the same, and you are not necessary. You are a number.

Do you want be part of this community? For real? Can this kind of business be accettable for all? 
Don't you feel a rebellion grown inside you? 
Don't say me “hey, this is the world, this is how market go!” 
Be human, defend your right. Where is your honor?!?
This system enriches people who ruin the market by treating them as rich as beasts. 
Do you want I work for you? And... what do you give to me? 
This service is TOTALLY client oriented, without any respect for talents. And I have many doubt about the final quality. 

Think about “what will be tomorrow” what you are about to do now.
We do not live for coins only. We need some respect. 
I ask these things from month, and anyone give to me some good reason to change idea.

Thank you (hey, it's only an idea, don't feel offended for this!)

Can anyone see it?

We tald also here:


Tara let me understant I can be free to choose if this made for me or not, but I totally hate this way, not only for me: I can not be part or accept any job (and this is what I do), but my anger is for the damage for who don't understand what this way to handle people and internet job meaning. 

Honestly, I handle by myself around 50 projects this month, all in my language.
Some of these clients comes from contacts born in voice123 research and that's was a way to grow up. 
In the Bunny Hole, you can see small quantity of jobs, choosed by some desperate per some dollars (presents are out of this consideration), with retakes because customers do not explain or, with fake voices.
So, let me say, do you produce shit and you're happy to have people say that is diet chocolate?

Pace and love

What an insult to the talent - a dollar a holler.  Why is Voicebunny posting on Voice123 by the way?

I asked to be taken off their mailing list.  Crawl away but feel free to report your feelings about it so other people know.  What a joke.  May as well work for nothing.  There's always going to be someone sitting there with no experience underbidding you and some client who doesn't care who is happy to take it and you've wasted your time.  It hurts the business.  I've been training for years at this.  It's all so insulting. 


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