About 5 weeks ago, there was some jumping up and down about an Alex Torrenegra of Voice123 intiative called Voice Bunny. On a minimal website that was sourcing email addresses was written 'We'll disrupt and expand the voice over industry big time. Seriously. Stay tuned.'. This alarmed me as I was just about to renew my annual premium subscription with voice123 and I was disturbed by all the negative words that were used. I also felt that the subscriptions paid by talents to voice123 were being used to finance a new Torrenegra company that would not be in the best interests of those who were paying for a service that might be compromised by the very people supplying it.


I wrote to customer services that I would like some clarification on Voice Bunny before I renewed my subscription and received a reply that I should write to Mr Torrenegra directly. I did.....3 times with the last being copied to customer services again..... and was not given the courtesy of a reply. I did not renew my subscription.


Today I am steaming as a computer generated reminder from voice123 came to me offering me the annual premium subscription for 14 months. They still want my cash in cyber space!


I returned to the Voice Bunny website to find it is in a total mess. Now it is offering voices for 10 cents a word, one page does not work at all, and the last page is a jumble of gobbledegook. What professional organisation would allow a website to go live in that condition?


Has anyone got any views on this.....has anybody signed up with Voice Bunny....Should I just crawl away and not get so wound up about such arrogance and unprofessional behaviour in not replying to me???????

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Hey David!  I've been out of the loop on this thing.  So this is a new venue being created by the creator of voice123 in essence to compete with it?  How Bizarre!!  Although, I suppose it's just another way to make money from talent for a listing OR maybe it's linking to the voices on 123 as it claims to have 100,000 voices or something?  Maybe Steven Lowell knows something about it?? Very curious, indeed!  Interesting that you couldn't get a response.....

Well Melanie, Steven Lowell was the customer services' response to me to write directly to Alex Torrenegra. With echoes of Alice in Wonderland and rabbits.....'curiouser and curiouser'.
Is it possible that Alex and Voice123 had a parting of the ways? Maybe they don't want to comment for legal reasons or something along those lines.
Hmmm Scott....I hadn't considered that one! But Alex is the founder and owner of voice123 and his photo is still on the voice123 website. I also was told to email him at his voice123 email address.
Hmm.... then I'm lost, too. Sounds like a case of really bad customer service.

Hey guys!  This is Tara Tyler, Customer Relations Ninja for Voice123.com. http://about.voice123.com/voice/members/tara_tyler

I wanted to wish everyone a very happy holiday and clear a few things up.

Both VoiceBunny and Voice123 share the same co-founders, however, Voice123 operates independently from VoiceBunny. Several of our team members are shared between the two companies at this time in order to assist in customer service efforts.

Alex is still the CEO of Voice123 and will continue to be.  He is just as involved with Voice123 as ever!

Although VoiceBunny is also related to the voice over industry, it is focused on a completely different market segment and in no way competes with Voice123.

The contact is me@voicebunny.com but since this effort is still very new, they do not wish to divulge too much info yet.

 As far as not getting a response, it is not intentional.  VoiceBunny does not have its own customer service team yet and the Voice123 team is not at liberty to discuss it since it is such a new venture.

I do know that the site is by no means ready for the public and is still in the testing stages.

I am sorry I cannot divulge any more info at this time but I will say that I am very excited about this new venture and I think the VO community will be too. You can contact me anytime, yes, even on Christmas Eve, at tara.tyler@voice123.com.  

I really love Voice123 and I love all of our wonderful talents that make my job so much fun everyday.  All I can really stay about VoiceBunny is "stay tuned"...  And I really think you will like it!  Happy Holidays and a very prosperous new year to you all.  

Tara Tyler

Customer Relations Ninja



One big difference between the two is that Voice Bunny does not post the parameters of usage for the job.  You can, in your profile, only post rates by the number of words.  You rate represents a full buy out.  In other words, you might quote, unknowingly, a job for a national tv voiceover at an incredibly low price.  You're being paid by the hour, not paid as an artist. You aren't paid by industry standards union or non union.  You're a flat rate hourly worker.  I don't understand why they would want to use that model for a site.  It hurts the voice actor.  It's very weird.

Voice Bunny has you quote one rate for the number of words.  You don't know the parameters such as for broadcast, type of project (tv, video game), you don't know if it's national, regional, local or internal.  It's forever/buyout.  

I think this is in direct competition with Voice123.  If it's the same owner it is.

You get paid by the time, that's it.

Winnie, there are now a lot of detailed discussions about VoiceBunny on both Facebook and Linkedin with many people sharing your views and with much more to say about this matter. You might like to take a look. Let me know if you have trouble locating them.

Hi David,

I'm not sure how to locate them, thanks, Winnie

Write to me david@britishvoice.tv and I will send you the details.

I think it's pretty clear by now that this Voice Bunny thing is worth bunny droppings.   Shame on torrenga (I refuse to capitalize his name) for being such a parasite on the voiceover industry.


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