Hi, everyone. I'm a brand new member with a very nerdy question but an important one: Since voice actors work across so many industries, how are they designated according to the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS)? I looked up the correct code and found it to be 711510, but are there subcodes under that since that code covers so many fields? Just trying to project the amount of time needed to invest relative to the amount of income I would want to make.



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Hola Jennifer,

Using NAICS to quantify your expectations/expected growth in the Voiceover Industry is not going to give you an accurate projection.  NAICS is most effectively used in more common industries like: Construction, Law, Medicine.  In my experience in Voiceover, I found that my most effective planning for success was based on my daily audition ratios, VO coaching, demos displaying my versatility, and how connected I was to my peers.

Hope this helps give a bit of perspective;-)



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